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I have had a pin out on eBay for a couple weeks .. think I identified it correctly .. thought there might be interest …    or someone would make an offer .. but nada.   I am getting the feeling it may not be what I offered it as.   Not sure I am allowed to link my eBay sale here so will not do that .. but check it out please .. thanks … Zeke

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Molly .. that is priced TO KEEP!

I did not understand your question.  "Is it two trees?"  So I just looked for it.  I do not know how much you were asking, but if this is inexpensive?  Maybe........

Molly .. I simply could not verify that the mark on MINE was really TWO TREES and authentic! I gather the TWO TREES TAXCO is .. ah .. something unique .. or preferred .. or more sought after .. that is all. Zeke

The TC or it sorta looks like TS? Indicates this is a more modern piece of Taxco, But can you tell me what the marks on the far right of the photo are? Are they illegible?

If so, that concerns me, as it might be a knock-off. Otherwise, if you can make out whatever marking is there, it should lead to the artisan who made it. If you can ID that part, it should sell, and for a decent price. Even if it's a more modern item.  The links I gave you on the cross pendant piece should help you to an ID?

That was the whole point of my query Vicki .. is this the "TWO TREES" which I find as being sought after or desirable or in some way special. It is TWO TREES standing together .. to me it is! Zeke

AH, I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you were saying there - LOL

I've got to cook for the family at the moment. Afterwards I'll see if I can help you nail this down. But, I'm still concerned on both the Quality and the (rather sloppy TC/TS 1979? the second part of the marking should tell us age, me thinks)  going on there as well. I also note that the Dragon should be on the bow of the ship, not as an odd part of the sail - that is bothering me as also. 

And let me add .. as I have mine for sale at a BUY NOW of $25 with the option to make an offer .. well at a minimum, if this is worth anywhere near what the one you showed me is asking .. nobody is shopping TAXCO on eBay or it would have vaporized. So I reason the seller has it PRICED TO KEEP! Zeke
Let me add here Vicki .. that is a pretty high res image . did you click it twice to blow it up? It is a TS IMHO. Zeke

Please show me what this TWO TREES mark looks like?

Molly .. see there are TWO images.  The image of the reverse, with the TS-79 etc .. at the far right on the sail there is a mark, two pine trees standing next to each other .. or that is what I see … perhaps not well hammered into the piece .. and with "TWO TREES" being one of the TAXCO makers .. (I believe??) .. to me that is their mark.   NO???   This is the essence of my question in the first place.  Is this a "TWO TREES" piece or not?   Thanks .. sorry for my poor explanations .. not trying to frustrate anyone .. Zeke

OH .. on the one sold on POSHMARK that same mark is on it only in a different location.   Zeke

But I do not see "two trees" like those on anything else??

This mark is the closest thing I can find?

Image result for what is TWO TREES in reference to silver? Mexican? Native American?


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