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My grandma was recently cleaning out her shed in the house she's lived at for about 10 years now. She found an old 1920s simmons company metal dresser with fake wood grain and an intact tilt mirror along with a matching metal bed frame. Everything is in really good condition and looks beautiful. She wants to sell it and we've found a similar one for $3000 and thats just the dresser and no fake wood grain just brown metal. She wants to sell it for $2500 so she can move into our town with us since my grandpa just died. It's an amazing deal in that its an old really good condition pair of items. We will take offers but definately have a reserve to meet. Please e-mail me if ur interested or want more pictures at tommielintner@ymail.com

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Around my area steel bed frames go for around $10-30. depending on condition and Chests of drawers for around $150-250.  $2,500 seems too high.  Perhaps your $3,000 comparable was brass, older, full sized, real wood, rare style, or by a well known designer...also did it SELL or was it just listed?

I'm not an appraiser, so I could be off in my evaluation.

It would help too if you cleaned it up. Looks pretty beat up to me. Sometimes a few drips of furniture wax (I know it's not wood) will make it sparkle.


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