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     I can't believe I found this at "Goodwill" this is something you "never" see or at least I haven't. I'm beyond ecstatic !! My first piece of Roseville that I've ever touched let alone was able to buy....lol ! It's absolutely perfect too. Not a mark on it that didn't come from the factory. I had been there the day before when I bought the Kwan Yin figurine. I had a store credit for $3.00 because they couldn't find an Xbox game I had bought which I already had paid for. So I walked in and there it sits on their showcase display wall ! I grabbed it and new what it was right away ROSEVILLE FREESIA OMG !! ...lol. It was marked $18.00 minus my $3 credit . I walked around a bit and a lady came up to me and said "good find that's really beautiful." We were standing in the checkout for about a half hour because their computer registers crashed... arrggh ! You couldn't have pried that out of my hands with a crowbar no matter how long I had to wait...AMAZING ! -Mike-

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LOL - Yep, it's the real deal - super great find Mike!

My first find in Roseville was also Fressia - I got the dark green squared, handled vase. I got it in a box lot at an auction, years ago, before folks starting to know what "Roseville" was.

I then got a gorgeous 20" tall dark blue Pinecone vase, but I had to pay for that one - also at an auction. The good news is that a lot of their lines still keep their values, while some actually go up!

So, another lucky day for you. I think I will start visiting the thrift shops around here again - maybe everyone is thinking like me ( it's all picked over) LOL


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