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This little jewelry box (?) was my grandmother's. It was entirely black until yesterday, when I decided to clean it using the baking soda/ hot water/ tin foil method. I was happy with the results, except the black line that goes around the entire base. This was visible before the cleaning though, it was just slightly darker than the rest of the area. I would like to find out how old this piece is. The bottom of the base has a stamp that reads Rockford Silver P. Company Quadruple 1206. Any help would be appreciated!

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     I do believe this piece is a jewelery/trinket box.  It is right around 100 years old.  Rockford Silver P. Co was originally founded Racine Silver Co in 1873.  The company burned down in 1882, and moved to Rockford Illinois and became Rockford Silver P. Co.  In 1925 Raymond Sheets bought the company and the name changed to Sheets-Rockford Silver Co.  So the piece you have was manufactured sometime between 1882 and 1925.  The floral designs on this box also hint towards the age of the piece, reflecting the style of the Victorian Era.  The 1206 refers to the style number of the piece.  The black line on your piece looks to be a line where the silver plating has rubbed off.  My guess is that this was caused by a rope or ribbon being tied around the piece, perhaps as extra decoration (probably with a flower attached).  The amount of silver plating on this piece, although quadruple plated, does not amount to very much.  The only value you will see for this piece will be for the Victorian style work, and the age of the piece.  



Aaron Cooper 

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply!  All very helpful information, I appreciate it!


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