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I posted this on the "Whadja Find" forum and was re-directed to post here. Some responders felt this was a Meissen "fake" and perhaps a person on this board would be more knowledgeable. The figurine/vase is 5.5" tall and also wide. It is hollow, like it may have been intended to use as a small vase. I wanted to know if it was a genuine Meissen and if so, the approximate age. Thank you.

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My God, NO! This is not Meissen. Forget about the obviously fake crossed swords drawn looks like with a felt tip pen! The terrible quality of this piece, its absolute lack of any elegance or sophistication should alert you to the fact that it is a fake. The modeling of the fingers alone is atrocious, they look like vestigial stubs.
Thank you for your analysis.

No not Meissen but she is very lovely and made by one of the many companies that tried to copy Meissen. I remember so well when I wasn't familiar with Meissen that pieces like this, although I knew something wasn't quite right, would excite me because I was hoping they were the genuine deal.

I tried to find which company made this lovely lass but wasn't able to match up the mark exactly. One of the things with Meissen is there are usually numbers inscribed or written on the bottom, I believe it is the modeler and the painter? been awhile since I had to do any Meissen to evaluate so off hand I can't remember for sure. At any rate she does still have value if you can find the company that made the mark it will probably bring the value up some. I wish you luck and please let us know what you find out Lillian.


I can only surmise that, because it was in my mother's estate, she might have purchased this at a tag or estate sale believing it was Meissen because of the mark. She was a dabbler (hobbyist) in china and glassware, but not very expert. That's why philosopher's say "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." There is just so much to go through in her estate, I can't devote too much time attempting to research every item. That's why I post to this Web site most of the time, hoping for a quick ID by people more "in the know" than I am. Thanks for trying to help, Dena.


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