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I have a very dark bedroom right now. I cannot get a pic to come out well enough for you to see what I am talking about but it may be a common issue. My bedroom is 12x14 and I have a simply huge four poster full canopy bed that is king size and solid darkly stained teak. It is a pan asian bed from 1976. I have purchased thru barter with a dealer friend a mahogany vanity to be delivered on May 5 and I am on the lookout for a tall vanity chest with attached press next. Here is the issue: I have to keep the windows blacked out because I suffer with migraines every day and this is my safe room. My walls are painted a color called copper penny which is the color of cafe' au lait to me. My bed is so high that an overhead light is out of the question so I have multiple lamps on the bedside tables and two on my current dresser which will go away when I get the vanity. I have art deco bronze lady vanity lamps for that ready to go. However, I can't see a thing! Its horrible to get old. Three years ago when we bought the house I had no problem with the paint. Now its a big problem because I have to dress in there, and it would be nice to see what may be on the floor like the poodle puppy etc....
I hate white paint so thats not happening. I am born and raised new orleanian and if there is no color than I get antsy. So I am thinking of a buttery yellow. My mother tells me that a nice green will show off the furniture better. Green will give me no more visible light then the brown in my opinion. I cannot add anymore lightbulbs or sunlight because of the migraines but I should be okay with lighter walls.
What do you guys think? Is buttery yellow going to work with dark teak? I have done the bed in peach silk damask with natural colored raw silk on top gathered with the center ruched medallion treatment.
Thanks Y'all!

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that would make you furniture stand out more and make the room lighter overall
Thank you Craig, that is what I was thinking. I have never worked with yellow before.
I recommend a really good primer on top of that dark color that already exists on the walls. Benjamin Moore has top quality paint and primers. This will not allow existing color to bleed through or alter your new paint color of choice.

Before trying to choose the appropriate yellow, be sure to show an existing photo from a magazine to have the man at the Benjamin Moore store help you select some yellows that are similar to your magazine pic. He has a better trained eye to color selection than most of us because that's what he does all day. Yellow and pinks are very difficult to choose from just a color swatch. They are very tricky colors. Benjamin Moore Paint is expensive, but well worth the money. Paint jobs last a long time with a top-quality paint. Ben Moore sells very small containers of some of their paint colors. Purchase a couple of yellow choices. Apply to the wall in large sample sizes away from each other and stare at it for a few days and see whether you like the color during the daylight hours and also during night time lighting. Colors will appear different with lighting, sunlight and with surrounding colors and decor.

By using this method, you will be able to see whether or not the color is relaxing to your eye so you do not suffer more chances of creating a migraine. And you will also save yourself money by being able to choose the right color instead of rushing into a decision and getting the wrong color and spending wasted money on expensive paint and having to do the job all over again.

I don't think green or yellow are bad choices. Either would do fine. It would be a lot easier if we could see some photos of decor you are using within the room to make a more appropriate decision. But by using the top method, you could even try both sets of colors.

Please post before and after photos here. We would all enjoy seeing such a wonderful makeover! Thanks for sharing! Rita @ TesoroFino.com
Also be sure to jot down your Paint Formula Number or Code Name on a piece of Easy Mask Tape and then apply it on the interior of your room's light switch plate. As time passes, we forget things. Should you forget the color, simply unscrew the switch plate and read your color of choice. Rita @ TesoroFino.com

This way when touch ups are needed for scuff marks here and there, you will know where to find that paint color name and formula!
Thanks Rita, I had never thought of the switchplate. What an excellent idea! I have been thinking of the aquas today as well , my fave color is teal. Its just too saturated for the amount of light I want to attain. I contacted my decorator from nola (prekatrina of course) and he told me that my bedspread is basically neutral to any of the colors as it is a gold and creme silk jaguard with just a hint of peach. The peach will not be a predominant color in any room he said. Good news there. He wasn't keen on the yellow, doesn't think I will like it long term for my bedroom. I have always been a bit of a boudouir type girl and he thinks its going to be too cheery lol. I told him we all have to get old sometime lol. I will take some snaps of my fabrics and things tomorrow and post them to discuss more. Thanks so much for your help, hope you have time to look and tell me what you think tomorrow.
Looking for to see some of your pics. Would love to assist you. Rita @ TesoroFino.com


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