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I think that vintage pyrex brings back so many memories for many people.  I reminds me of my mom's kitchen and my grandma's kitchen.  I am so glad you started this group!

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My mother always said that if you owned three of something you have a collection. I bet you have more than three!!! I really am excited about this group! We all have memories of PYREX ~ largely by color. My mother had a set of the 400 bowls and when she saw Jim and I were selling them in our shop she had us sell hers! I still remember how she made meatloaf in the blue refrigerator dish and put it in the freezer to be used later, and it went directly from the freezer to the oven. B
I just checked out your pictures. I have a large casserole in beulium and we love using it! What a great way to bring something hot to the table. Do you use your pieces?
I haven't yet. I think I will use this one for the Holidays. Would like to find more of these to add to the table. Would be great for a New Years Eve party! Hope to find some of the Christmasy dishes by December. ps I spelled beulium wrong (oops) Thanks for hosting this site Barbara.
You're welcome. Hopefully we'll get off and running full steam. I hope to load a few pictures tomorrow if time allows. For now, I say good night. Barbara
Nice pieces!

I believe the green on white Square flower pieces are connected to S & H Green Stamps, Am I correct Barbara?
Not sure about that one Jeff. You certainly could be right! Now I need to start tracking down S & H catalogues. I never thought about what a great resource they might be! Jeff, I don't think there will ever be an end to this research and I don't think I'll ever have enough shelf space! Hope your weather is better than ours! B
My Mother had one of these casseroles. We got it at a fund raiser at our Church, selling returned items from the local S & H Green Stamp store. It had no lid. I believe that I've seen other referances, on line, to this pattern being connected to the S & H Green Stamps.

This is not one of my favorite patterns, though; I put the casserole into merchandise when we moved to Florida and have since sold it.
You can't love them all! What a great history. Remember, though, that something available through a catalogue somewhere doesn't make it exclusive to that catalogue. I got my first crock pot with S & H green stamps but I could have gotten it elsewhere. I miss those stamps and I wonder how many reading this discussion don't even know about trading stamps. BTW, Jeff, no response from Anchor Hocking so far. I may try again! B
I have a snowflake bowl - love the thing, use it all the time!

The snowflake patterns are very popular. I have a #575-B 2 quart oblong baking pan in the blue Snow Flake. I got it in a large trade I'm partial to blues, my favorite two RW patterns are blues.

There's also a black Snow Flake pattern..

my mom has the the plain olive green pyrex bowl and she has made many bowls of cookies for us. I am thinking of completing her collection since that bowl has so many fond memories for me. I am slowly building my collection, I have nothing that matches, it is all different.  I just love how long they last!


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