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Not sure if anyone can help with the value of this painting .Looks like the artist is Bill Tommey or Tonney or Tonner.Thanks very much your all very helpfull

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Can you take a pix of the signature? Tell us the size? The history? The medium; looks like pastel to me? Where is it from? Anything on back?

You need to help us help you.
Hello,, 36 by 24 give or take an inch..Were not sure just that her mom had it here in Ca for many years..Nothing on back..Here"

s another pic of signature..Thanks so much.
Looks like Bill Conner to me. Google turns up thousands of hits but nothing specific to him. Looks like pastel also. Man on white horse is out of proportion; could be a child, I suppose. Funny looking clouds. Interesting subject matter, but amateurishly done. I am not an appraiser. Would guess a value of $150-350. Sorry I can't help you more.
Thanks for your info we are new at this ..I just liked it It was free..Take care..I have a few more maybe i will put on here Thanks again


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