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I always enjoy the photos on iantiqueonline. Everyone works hard presenting the photos , and it is time consuming, and although it is to promote their items, it's also to showcase the items for our enjoyment. So, I just want to say , iantiqueonline has fabulous photos . I always enjoy taking a break from my on line chores to enjoy the photos and as a matter of fact , I have purchased things too, from the photos. It's a fabulous way to relax. No need to find a parking space for your car , no standing in line at the cash register , no sales pressure...iantiqueonline , I salute all of your shop owners who post their beautiful photos and videos. Best wishes , Linda Caricofe

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can you attach the link where I can see all your youtube files? I'm still not familiar with iantiqueonline.com... Thank you
FOUND ALL YOUR YOUTUBE FILES!!! Will watch them tomorrow, Thanks a lot
Hey that's great news. Glad you found them. I am posting the latest one that was released yesterday on this site along with facebook , twitter , other ning sites , etc. Best wishes , Linda :-)


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