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I always enjoy the photos on iantiqueonline. Everyone works hard presenting the photos , and it is time consuming, and although it is to promote their items, it's also to showcase the items for our enjoyment. So, I just want to say , iantiqueonline has fabulous photos . I always enjoy taking a break from my on line chores to enjoy the photos and as a matter of fact , I have purchased things too, from the photos. It's a fabulous way to relax. No need to find a parking space for your car , no standing in line at the cash register , no sales pressure...iantiqueonline , I salute all of your shop owners who post their beautiful photos and videos. Best wishes , Linda Caricofe

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Thanks Linda!
New here and I must say I am enjoying the photographs as well.
Welocme to this site. You will LOVE it...it has over 5,000 members and is the nicest huge community you could ever meet. Join some groups, enjoy the photos..enjoy it all. Be sure to also scroll all the way down the page and enjoy the videos. Nice to meet you , best wishes, Linda

The picture is not clickable, how to watch it?
Thank you for the warm welcome Linda.

I have already added photos of some of my own items for sale in my Etsy shop and was pleasantly surprised to find them already featured. Yea!

And I have already found some of your wonderful videos. You offered some great tips, many specifically for Ruby Lane, but I jotted down a few that may help me at Etsy as well. Bless you for sharing your knowledge with others.

I love Etsy ! There are many many Esty sellers on iantiqueonline. And I even have a favorite Esty seller who sells jewelry that I just can't resist :-) Sorry about the huge photo of myself, I am experimenting on changing my photo...shocked when I saw the size LOL. I am delighted the shop talks are helping , everything I talk about is written by me , and tips that I have found works for me...best of all, it has tips that can help just about all sellers and give sellers a pep talk too :-) iantiqueonline is the first ning group I ever joined and it is still the group I post the most on. Congratulations to having featured photos that fast ! Wow, you will find that really helps draw traffic to your shop. Best wishes, Linda
Nice to meet you here, Linda, my friend from Facebook =0) Is this website really good? Just joined...
Elena - www.shop.rubylight777.com
Hello there lady with the most FABULOUS jewelry ever. I would be lost without this huge ning. Thanks to this ning and the others too, my sales are steady. Promoting , or networking on Ning groups is a sure way to success. Wonderful to see you here. Your photos will knock everyone out :-) And your jewels shown on this site will be just in time for the holidays. Best wishes, Linda
Thank you, Linda, very much for encouraging words =0) What is Ning groups?
Ning groups are what a site such as iantiqueonline is. It's a site for both sellers and buyers. A site for people who like the same things. Buyers join to learn about collecting ( they join groups ) and to shop ( when you post your photos be sure to have your link or URL to the photo )...and all of this is free...and you can also pay for advertising too. A ning is a free site , a community of people that join to enjoy learning, buying and selling...iantiqueonline is the king or granddaddy of them all due, to the huge amount of members...but there are other ning groups too. A ning is also a social network , and can have other platforms such as fashion etc :-) One of my Shop Talk videos is about the Ning groups...check out my videos that are on youtube, and also on this site and you will find the one about the ning ...I was posting on twitter for everyone to come on and do the " ning thing " when I did the video about ning groups. Then I posted " road signs " on my blog page ( RC Antiques Treasure Hunts and More ) to the ning groups I belonged to so people could realize how fabulous ning groups are. Got to have the ning darling, I would not be found without them :-) Best wishes , Linda
Thank you, Linda, very much. Will check all your youtube files. Elena

I'm so glad you asked as I was wondering the same thing.


Thank you for the explanation! Certainly makes sense, I just never heard the term before. "iantiqueonline is the king or granddaddy of them all" ~ Well then, I'm so glad I started with the right one!



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