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How many of you go for the original appliances in your vintage cottage kitchen? I've heard the older, older ones actually work wonderfully. But, even a reproduction appliance can add a big punch of charm.

Here's an old stove looking mighty fine!

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Here's a website with tips on buying and restoring a vintage stove! Perfect for this discussion thread on utilizing original appliances in your vintage cottage!

DIY Cozy Home

1950's GE Refrigerator...for the vintage cottage that prefers aqua blue!

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I love this refrigerator, it has great style.   

New retro appliances - big ticket price $3000


Original Big Chill Retro Refrigerator

Really pay for that 'retro' look! :)

I've decided I want to find an old wood cook stove to fix up for my back porch. It could be a back up if the electricity went off for a period of time. And...it could be an alternative heat source too! This one is pretty...

Antique Wood Cook Stoves

Sounds like a fun project Ellene, post a picture if you find one.  It's nice to have a backup in a power failure. 

See how many original appliances you can find on my Cottage Pinterest Board! :)

1920's Royal Windsor Stove...with class. In blue. Perfect for the vintage cottage!


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