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I was hoping if anyone out there can help me with identifying origin, age, value of such a piece.  Thank you, John

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Need a photo of the base. Whenever you ask for help with glass or pottery/ceramics you should always include a photo of the base. It doesn't  matter if it's signed or not, but that is one factor to be considered, if it is.

Just by a glance here, it looks like Asian Moriage, with hand painted details. I've got a hunch it's actually French though. It called an Urn. These were made strictly for decoration, usually on a mantle. If you get me a photo of the base, I can try to determine a little more info.

Added base pics. And thank you .john 

John...... A "Base" is the underside of the bottom of the ewer. I could already see the top of it???

I need to see the underside, do you understand what I mean?

Place the Ewer on it's side, on a towel or something, and take some clear shots in good lighting on the bottom please.

Ok John, I think I've got it! What you have here is an Antique Nippon (Old name for Japan) Moriage, Covered Urn, Because of the beautiful, hand painted detail, especially the contrasting panels of big florals, Your vase has a very specific name: "Royal Moriye Nippon Urn" Date is roughly 1870's to 1880's or so. 

Made before the McKinley tariff act of 1890, where the "made in" marking was required on all exports into the USA. The "Nippon" word changes into "Japan" roughly 1930. 

For values, you can goggle around or check ebay or other online selling venues to see current rates. If there is no damage or wear, you should be able to get the "high end" of whatever the current values are. Very nice find!


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