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very old  cards  and have a book on them can anyone say about any age or value of these cards 

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Please provide as much information as you can about the item you are needing help with.

Provide MANY photos of the object you are asking about.

Include a description of the item you are asking about (SIZE, color, markings, condition, date).

And please share some narrative information (The Story that goes with the Finding the Object)
If you if think it would help and you would like to share, briefly tell us where you acquired the object...i.e. "passed down from my mother's mother who is now 94 ", "found it when I was in Holland 30 years ago", "washed up on the beach last summer".

All of these suggestions are what is needed by the group in order to help you with your queries.  You have the object in your possession.  We have NOTHING but what you choose to share with us.

I would say at least some of your cards are collector cards from Player's Cigarettes.

eBay Site Link - AUD $5  Scroll down on the eBay page and you'll see a great many others from Player's Cigarettes.

There are a number of other such cigarette cards, such as Amalgamated Tobacco Kings Of England Cigarette Cards. So best show the reverse side of the cards as well. closer up and one card per photo like the example below.

You really need to supply a photo of the backs of the cards as well.  If not all of them, at least each that shows it comes from a different maker.  I see some with writing at the top and some without, this implies either a different maker, or a different issue run.  On the reverse side of the cards there should appear some additional text, which would also include further details to tell you who has made and/or supplied these cards. as per my examples below, front and back.


thank you they look similar 

That's good to know Rose, but please do still send us some more pictures of your cards, fronts and back, so we may see more of them and possibly help you find out some more information.

If you don't feel you need further information on these cards, then let us know that as well, that way we won't be wondering why you haven't posted more pictures or information for us after a while.

The same would go for all your items, if you reach a point in our searches for you that you feel you have enough information and you do not need to continue on looking, then let us know as well, so we can focus our efforts on items which people are still seeking help on, such as other items of yours or other peoples as well.

You need to look closely at all of them, not just the first one or two.  From your one picture I can see printing (Players Cigarettes) on the top of 3 or 4 pics which means  you have 2 (or more) different types of cards.

You need to separate them, spread them out, and take new pics. Many of them probably have writing on back.  The internet shows Complete Albums of them for about 6 GBP. ($7.79 USD).


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