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hello everyone i need your help i found this bracelet burried    i want to know more information about it if anyone knows something pls let me know!!! 

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It is beautiful. regardless of it's origins!  Awesome find.  You should post this on WHADJA FIND TODAY?  There are a lot of us that love helping people discover exactly what treasures they have "unearthed".  I have been looking a lot and have some ideas, but we can get more help if you share this with the others.  Good luck

What is the diameter? It seems like there are tool markings on the inside and yet it looks hand carved.  One side has a thicker rim than the other.  Could you take a picture with a coin or something for scale?

You have never responded to any of my posts.  Did you figure this out?  Some of us have been trying to help you even though you didn't put it on the section Whadja Find so more people could help. Please, at least, respond in some manner....or why ask for help at all?  

Thank you

im sorry just i did see the message thnx for your help the high is 35"and thinknes 3mm

Wow! It's simply beautiful. I just can't take my eyes off from this beautiful creation that you have found. This is looking simply awesome and one can have a look at the options that they have mentioned in this section. 

Related image

The more I look at this piece, the more I am wondering if it isn't some type of base for something larger?  The lip or rim on one side is thicker and the pattern is only on one side.  Maybe something sat on it? Like a crystal ball, or a stone egg, or something?


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