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This one might be easy, but its baffling me.  My best guess is a mustache brush.  Although I have never heard of such a thing.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Its just over 3" long, made of wood, has a slide out inside piece that has a small mirror on it, the opposite side has a coarse brush on it.  

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I would think it is either a shoe polish device or, given you stated the bristles are very soft, a makeup item, although personally, I don't think it appears designed with the female market n mind looks-wise at the very least.

Also, shoeshine brushes usually have an application brush and a buffing brush, however, in a pinch, this would do the job, and a mirror can come in handy at times, so for an out-and-about device, it probably works well.

Note: If it is a shoe shine device there may be a good chance there would still be residual substance between the bristles or inside where the bristles store inside as a clue.  Shoe polish would be quite hard to clean off entirely, it is unlikely to be spotless if it were ever used in that manner.

No residue whatsoever, not even a hint of black on the bristles or the case.  So it could have been a never used shoe polishing brush....

The bristles are just coarse, like thick but very solid.  

I'm thinking a well done homemade thing, is the brush "caked" with black stuff? If it were meant to slip in a pocket I would expect it to be more rounded. ?????

The brush looks matted, but I think thats only from being slid into the holder over and over again, when you run your fingers across the bristles, they move around easily.  I thought maybe it was for spot shining shoes, but the small mirror didnt make sense for that.  

I think the brush is for a man's beard or mustache used to straighten the hairs similar to combing. The mirror shows him how it looks or where it needs to be brushed.

The wooden case could be a prototype for a patent application, or a makeup for something to be fabricated by a manufacturer.

I can find all sorts of brushes and/or combs that pop out, but no little brushes/mirrors, on line. Perhaps his patent was turned down. Or it didn't pass muster...dunno.


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