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NOW CASTING: Antique Hunting Teams To Compete On A Series!!!

Do you love hunting for antiques? Do you always end up going home with some amazing finds (at great prices) from your local flea market, rummage, garage or estate sale? 

Cornwell Casting is currently seeking amateur and professional Antique pickers, appraisers, collectors and antique enthusiasts from all over the nation who possess the most honed hunting skills and the sharpest eye to determine trash from treasure to cast on an exciting new competiton show!

The “Untitled Antiques-Collectibles Competition” show will transform the world of antiques and collectibles picking into a competitive reality game show. In every episode, antique lovers compete in teams of two in a race to track down and acquire valuable items hidden along the back roads, barns, and forgotten corners of America. 

The spending money is provided as well, but haggling for a good price is up to the contestants. The team with the most valuable loot at the end of the day wins the competition. They get to keep their lot of items and the lots of the other teams – it’s winner take all! 

As far as the production logistics, all travel, food and accommodations will be provided to the contestants. 

Currently looking for all sorts of teams of two: friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors. NOTE: you don’t have to be an expert to apply to be on this show. This is an adventure not to be missed!

If you think you have what it takes to pick the most valuable treasures and get the best price, please have you and your partner fill out the online application at:https://ccasting.wufoo.com/forms/untitled-antique-collectible-compe...

Or you can also contact Jocelyn and the casting team at Jocelyn@cornwellcasting.com

Accepting submissions IMMEDIATELY!


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I just applied with Scott...who else will give this a try?

Dianne, Editor
Amazing, I cannot wait to interview the two of you!
Anyone apply yet?

Although relatively new to this site, my timing seems perfect. My antiquing partner Jim and I have applied. We certainly feel we could do well at this, although we are relatively new to antique prospecting. We have been having some very good success for the last few months and are very energized by our success. Wish I started a long time ago! Good luck to all who apply. Hope to see some of you on the show. Rich



I look forward to reading your application. I will call to set up an interview with you sometime today. CHEERS!



OK Scott and I just finished our "interview"....we had a lot of fun...so I encourage as many of you to try out...they need to build lots of teams of two....let us know if you get an intrview and how it went,



Thanks so much for interviewing with us! Kara and I had a blast meeting you two...Glad you had a good time talking with us too :)

oh my, oh my what fun this would be. I am truly an amateur but love the thrill of the hunt!

I think this would be one fantastic show to watch!!


You go girl!
I have to round up a partner, my mom was my antiquing buddy but now that she is gone.... I have sent requests to some friends. We'll see what happens. Sounds right up my alley.
Duh.... my hubby, who else.

How about a guy  partner......mix it up,




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