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This is a piece that was pulled from my land of misfit patterns: Neverland.  It was sitting next to a 'Shoshone' banana boat (I say that just to brag I found Shoshone.)  There are yellow areas that might have come from a cigarette or two.  Six of the feet (Star of David in the close up, second picture) touch surface.  From there, the bowl curves up.  The bottom of the bowl is flat, not concave.  4-1/4" x 1".

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Hi Scott, This appears to be ABP Cut glass. There is a pattern called "Star of David" and I think a few others with similar names also. (American Brilliant Period) Roughly 1850's to 1910's.

Do you agree that this is Cut glass? While an ashtray is unlikely for that era, it may have been for Cigars or pipes, for Men's smoking rooms. It might also have had a different purpose. Coaster, Wine Coaster and one more item this size that I've forgotten the name of?

If you'd like to get this shined up, try Windex. Let it soak for a few minutes first, then wipe with paper towel. It's a quick and easy way to clean up glass, and my personal fav. It also removes sticky labels.

If you look into one of the sites on our home page for ABP cut, maybe you could ID the pattern from there. Super nice find!

I found out about ABP, somewhere along the line.  Star of David returns Stars of Davids.  Lots and lots.  Cut glass, yes.  I also agree the piece was never meant to hold ashes.  The edge is too rough to hold nicotine delivery systems.

Funny about the yellow.  I can't figure out if it's on top of the glass or on the bottom.  ABP page, on it.

Just Windex top and bottom, problem solved! :) 

Nope.  Might try a bit of CLR. 

Maybe I'm mistaken.  Maybe the glass is yellow and I'm supposed to wipe off the clear?  Like wiping the white off rice?

LOL, have you an aversion to common Windex or similar glass cleaner? I'm telling ya, I swear by the stuff! It's so much less work, and it shines the glass beautifully!

My bad.  I did use Windex.  Apple cider vinegar, first.  CLR is my big gun.

No aversion.  Just a dislike of the smell.


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