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I have several older glass bottles that I am wondering what the value is on them. None of the bottles have any lables, the info is coming from raised glass. Can anyone help? Please see list below.
1) Brown Glass Purex bottle with small loop handle and a red screw top lid that says "Pyrex rust proof lid" @ 1/2 gallon size (no size listed on bottle) as there are no made by duraglass on the bottom it has a 7 than an I with a circle around it and another 7 underneath that is the numer 3
2) Brown Glass Purex with white screw top that says "new rust proof cap" on the bottom it has an N inside a square and the number 17 under it.
3)Brown Glass Clorox @ 1/2 gallan bottle (no size on bottle) with handle and a screw cap on the bottom it has a patent DES 187,113 it also has the clorox logo with symbol and the numers S, 8, 15 and zero on each slant of the diagnol from the logo (one number per slant)
4)Clear glass Pine Sol @ quart size (no ounces etc listed on bottle) ont he bottom it has the number 232 at the top and on the bottome middle left there is a symbol that looks like a trash can with a "J" inside it.
5)Clear glass that has "Fresh Juice" in raised glass with picture of an orange sliced and leaves the cap is wire pressure flip cap on the bottom it sys made in Italy
6) Small brown glass with raised glass lettering that says "Uncle Joe in brown bottles?" underneath that it has REG.US.PAT.OFF contents 4 fluid ounces then on the bottom it has pat.30009 under that it has pat DAPR21929 and a six point star on the left side it has a nine and the right side has a 1 and on the bottom right it has a 2.
7)Clear Nehi Beverages bottle no lable, just raised glass under Nehi it says REG.US.PAT.OFF, to the right of Nehi it says Minimum Contents. The bottom says Design PAT 0 Mar325 duraglass 7 some kind of symbol and the number 32

I have tried to give all the details, but if I have left something off or you have further questions or need clarification let me know. Thank you to anyone who can help.

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I don't know about other locations but here in the midwest brown bleach bottles can be found for five dollars each or even less. The NEHI bottle would have a similar value.


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