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This large lamp is now in my Mom's collection of 'I just had to have it' This lamp has been around the block a few times. It has been totally rewired for safety. I can not find any real stand out markings.
It does break down into 3 seperate pieces, very very Heavy. It has all of the crystal droplets, and the base has the most weight. Mom paid more than she should have. Can anyone give me feed back on this 3 foot lamp? Thank you, yourbounty, Bernie

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Do you know if the metal part are brass or die cast?

You might try googling using 'cherub' and or 'prisms' in your search.

I have seen that little cherub before and it has been die cast metal or what they call pot metal a grey metal.
And they were plated or painted a brass or gold color. They have several forms of those cherubs

Some earlier ones, use to made of solid brass.

I did a tiny bit of googling came up with a similar {in the top area anyway}, a new lamp store, they called that prism effect up there waterfall. Not sure if any of that helps ya.
I think it is probly less than 50 years old ,

the base probly has cast iron loaders or weights

the crystals prisms make me think 1970's

just my opinion

Thanks for the replies. I tried to look up cherub,prism,waterfall, and anything else I could think of. Nothing. Can't tell what it is made of. Darn close to 100lbs. It is beautiful, but the inside wiring was
a modern day nightmare. She (my mom) called an electrician who took it to his shop for a couple of days.
Brought it back all put together, newly wired and a very large bill. WOW. Compared to the electrician, the lamp was a steal. At least I now know to think $$ when buying electric items for my collections. But still looking for more info. Thanks Bernie
electrictian's are not cheap, just like plumbers auto mechanics, & attnerneys
Thanks for all of the help with the lamp. Paid someone for an appraisal. But I was right, 1930's.
States usually comes in pairs. Please dont let her find the matching pair! At least I know she is fire safe with the lamp. I guess I should have thought about the electric wiring before the purchase. Never gave it a thought. Maybe this can be used as a reminder for someone else. Thanks, yourbounty


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