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Native American Style Wood Carving Depicting Thunderbird with Compass Type Design

  About a year ago I posted a photo and a description of this wood panel which I purchased back in late 2013; I've never really taken a third look at this since I bought it and have it sitting on the floor against a wood box in my bedroom.  I have so many works of art and other thrift store junk that if I could likely cover all of my walls with artwork and other collectibles.  I thought that I'd post this photo again because I find a spiritual message emanating from this carving.  I've not done any more research on this and only wished to share this photo with other collectors here who might at least find it interesting.  Perhaps if you don't like this as an art piece if might at least scare away burglars who are outside your home.  They may not try to sneak past this "bad luck" Thunderbird.

  I purchased this thick wood panel in a thrift or consignment store many years ago and have been unable to find any specific information about its' source or maker.  This is made from a single piece of wood, the chiseled carving appears to show a Thunderbird symbol; the symbol below has a diamond shape and two horizontal lines ending with shapes similar to the letter "E."  The Thunderbird and the symbols below it sit higher than (above) the surface, the artist's name "Gweh-Oh" is carved at the lower right.  I cannot locate any similar Internet photos of the lower symbol and could not locate any information about the artist.  The panel measures 11" across, 17" high and 5/8" thick.  I assume that "Gweh-Oh" is the artist's name rather than a description of the symbols; am not certain whether this was hand carved or machine made using a mold.  The wood on the front portion has many "ripples" on the surface and the back is flat without these ripples.  I'd originally posted this same photo back in 2013 and it had 137 views with no comments so I thought that reposting it might attract some comments. My feeling is that this depicts a Native American theme but that's an uneducated guess.

  I no longer worry about finding out information on who made this and don't really care what it might be worth unless the original artisan sees it here and makes me an offer so they can buy it back (humor).  If you'd already commented on my prior post or suggested methods of research you don't need to comment again, perhaps only enjoy this for what it appears to show (symbolism).  I posted two photos here so you can more easily observe the designs.

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I wanted to explain that I attached two photos one lighter than the other so members can better see the designs in this panel.  I also noted that if you don't appreciate this as art it might work well if you hang it next to your home to discourage or frighten burglars and warn them not to try to break into your home.

Navajo symbol, thunderbird means "wonderful". It can also mean "third eye" when worn as a brooch or pendant.

Likewise, E-diamond-E is symbol for "all seeing eye". The tridents are the line of sight, the diamond  is the eye.

Gweh-Oh is actually -OH.  OH is Ohio (or could be).

WhitePages shows 2 Gweh families, 1 in NYC, 1 in LA. Others listed on those 2.

I might try hanging this large heavy pendant around my neck when I go out in public; that likely might get some attention from passersby.  Thanks for your assistance; I found this is one of the several thrift stores which I used to visit almost every night before driving home.  for an unknown reason this spoke to me but it was a language that I wasn't familiar with and luckily for me I'd not yet sold it.  I gave up trying to analyze or research this because I still have a life to lead and some of the researches I began never had an ending.

Since it's a "third eye" why don't you hang it on the back of your car so you can watch for cops and help see when you park or back up.

fyi I bought a pre-owned 2007 Acura RDX when I was selling cars at an Acura dealer; my vehicle has a satellite navigation system and also a backup camera.  I never have to fear police officers because 1) I've always been a safe driver and 2) I used to be a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the fire station near my home.  I also took an EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course) and qualified to drive our fire station's ambulance.


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