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This one was simply listed as having an old makers mark and a very blurry image. I liked the shape of the bowl for what there was of it visible to see. The shipment arrived and I was happily surprised to see this mark! 12 inches across and numbers visible 113 and 13. Unable to make out the dot (?) at the top of the plate.

Impressed numbers and appears to have an impressed signature as well, I just can't make it out. I am going to attempt better images. Would you agree with a dating of 1815-1924?

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Yes, your dating is correct. We can be a bit more specific than that because this is a shape and decor that Meissen developed for the Victorian taste as they stated. So I would say it is mid 19th century to 1880s. There is some loss to the gilding. The impressed numbers are the throwers number and the shape number. I am curious about the impressed "signature."  Can you make out anything at all? These pieces now retail for $75-$200 depending on the condition of the gilding. They command slightly higher prices when on cobalt blue ground. If I get the chance I will post a couple of examples of Meissen in this style (at the moment I feel exhausted by the heat even here in Rochester, NY).

Good evening Nicholas,

I am experiencing the heat here in Florida as well. I recently left my job and have had little energy to enjoy the outside world as of yet. Perhaps the heat does play a roll in it. I want to thank you for the information that you've provided on the more precise dating. I forgot to add the measurements before and have updated the original post to include the substantial 12" across measurement. This was also a nice surprise on the bowls arrival, as I expected it to be smaller. It was very dirty and I gave it a simple wash and the quality started to shine through. A better cleaning may improve it more. It was my children and their youthful eyes that noticed what appears to be a signed piece. I will need a better camera than that on my cell phone I'm afraid. The two numbers were 13 and 113 and I wasn't sure what the marking on the top was suppose to be.

Kind Regards,


An attempt to pull out the signature fails. :(

It's Gorgeous Oralei - Congrats on a great find! And Mr. Nicholas - your the best! Just love to learn from you!

Thanks Vickie, A pleasant surprise it was.

Nicholas , I had another comment/question I had wanted to make to you, but was side tracked the other day. The mark appeared to be a signature imprinted. I will have to come back to it as we are in a tornado warning here in Florida . I also wanted to say thank you for your kindness. Hope your feeling better today.  Warm Regards, Oralei 


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