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Post your ceramic items that are below "standard" size. Here my miniature tea set to get things started.

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You home is like a glass & pottery museum, Elaine!

This sweet demitasse cup - Occupied Japan era, sits on my dressing table.

So delicate - and the color!

I love African violets so much!  I also have some plates and cups in my bedroom with those flowers :)

This week's - floral motif mini teapot.


So sweet!  :)

Very sweet, Lillian!

Here is another one of my brass and glass display cases for my miniatures.  I think I have 21 of these cases all around my house?  I've lost count!  :)

OMG, Elaine! You think you have 21 of these display cases around your house?? Do you live in a castle? :)

Haha, no, Ellene, but I probably could use one :)

Another mini teapot with a solid handle.


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