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Can someone help e identify the maker of this figurine , doesn't look like a repro, have had in ouse for years but no nothing about it

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Hi Carmela,

Your nice "Can't you talk?" figurine is based on old GC Holmes print. I'm not sure about yours, because they look nicer, but they are usually a Bronze Spelter. Many things are produced from this same image. Here are a few examples. Click 2 enlarge.

Sorry, I don't know the manufacturer
I just came across another forum that may be of interest. I'm posting the link along with a few that I found interesting.


"I recently purchased a framed print of "Can't you talk" and paid a little over 100 dollars for it. It is special because my great grandparents were given a small bronze of "Can't You Talk" when they were married in 1894 and I have that sculpture in my home now. Reproductions are now made of that sculpture, but I know mine is authentically old."

"the dog and child sculpturein white; appears to be parian; inscription is R.J. Morris copyright. No Date. About 12x14 inches. Perfect condition. From a New Orleans home in the 1940s."

"I have a bronze like color, goldish..thought it was chalk not sure..scultured dog and child with the same inscription "Cant you talk?" is 1800's sculpture by John Rogers."

"Can't You Talk was published by B Brooks and Son (my great-grandfather and grandfather). He was Benjamin Eugene Napoleon Beauharnais Brooks. d.nusom and Berry picker mention a statuette of Collie and child passed down in family. Is it inscribed 'Can't you Talk BB Copy right'?"

Thanks for sharing.

PS: Sorry images didn't enlarge above.


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