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I was hoping to find out about this pill box,  what era, value and amy identification on it.

Can anyone help.

Thank you

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A few more pictures 


Hi Jonathan, I think your box is modern. But can't be sure because I can't make out any of those marks. The photo's are dark and blurry. Can you just tell us what number/letters or anything else are contained in the diamond marking and the other?

The numbers are 2508 

I know its possibly gilt silver the diamond I can't quite tell, at first I thought it was a fluer de lys but not sure, it is supposed to be French, I had one person say the mid 1700s but I wanted a second opinion as they could not give me a definitive answer

A fleur de Lis could mean it's french, but it could also be a jewelry or other manufacturer's marking, from US Or other country. It's not certain, in any case. I've no idea why someone would think this box was that old, but I can be 98.9% certain that it isn't. 

At the very earliest, a design such as this could be from the art deco period. Which is 1920 - to early 1940's. 

The design is either paper/light plastic under a lacquer type sealant, or it could be an  unusual enameled type design, though I doubt it, because it would need to have tiny copper pieces in-between the gradient lines.  It may also be silver plated. A piece like this would not be made of sterling silver because it would be to soft for use as a pill or tobacco box. It would be made of a base metal such as nickle, or a lead mixed metal.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, and I hope you don't take me the wrong way, but I've got over 20+ yrs in the business of antiques and collectibles, and I would never lie or mislead you. Quite the contrary!

Have you got photo's of the inside of the box? If possible, could you take more photo's in natural light or at least a bright interior light, and take photo's of the inside, top and bottom, a close up of your design, the clasp  and hinge would be very important to date the piece properly and also if possible, try to get a better shot of the inside numbers/letters on your various markings. ( you may also try doing a rubbing using a thin white paper and a pencil, lightly rub over whatever is there, which should tell you what is there. BTW - if you've got a basic hand sanitizer you can put a little on a test spot and wipe it to remove tarnish. This might enable a better look on your hinges and construction.  On Silver or silver plating, removing tarnish does not harm the piece, regardless of age. Just never use a harsh chemical like "tarnex" that stuff kills old silver. Just fyi.

Hopefully we can discover what exactly you've got here. 

Not disappointed,  thats why I was asking for a second opinion. 

Rather know all I can than just assume and agree with first opinion.

I will upload some more pictures 


I've been doing some hunting around. I was wrong about the sterling silver, some pill boxes ARE made in sterling, but all I've come across are well marked. 

The enameled decoration too could be done with the coils, I was thinking more of the Asian style Cloisonne. For a regular style it certainly can be an enameled decoration - apologies. Turns out I'm a bit rusty on pill boxes, LOL.

Anyway - I've found a very similar one to yours, and it IS Art Deco! However, this one has very clear, stamped hallmarks. So, I think it's important that we try and solve what is on the back of your, if possible. I took a look of your new pics. The one mark I think is a stamped "D". The 4 numeral mark is probably a model number. So, the mystery is the small one were having such a time making out. Also, I can't see your hinge very well. Is it broken?

Here's a pic of similar one (Art Deco, 1920-30s)https://www.ebay.com/itm/303601690255

and this example is a very old, late 19th, early 20th century box, likely European or E. European. Note the lack of hinge:


The stamps are on the inside of the box, the hinge is broken was told that repairing  it would devalue the item.

I di not think of Asian, the one you found I have seen before, but I also sound out that the designs similar  to that one are later in the 19th.

I have never seen one like the one I posted. 

It is a confusing one. 

If it is the fluer de lys then that would signify  France, I also ground out that they used the fluer de lys in silver items from the mid 1600s to late 1700s 

But i would love to have a verifiable answer on this.

Thank you for the info and the research you have put in, it is appreciated 


This example shares a likeness to yours.  It appears not to have any markings and is silver (in color?) so it says.

Hey guys, it's an Art Deco compact (powder puff).  If it's not marked Silver, Sterling, 925 or have Hallmarks, then it's not silver.

If you google, Art Deco round compact sunburst, click "Images" you will see similar.

Unbroken, similar (used) in good condition sell for $50-60. USD. Unfortunately yours is broken and value is minimal.  To repair yours would be expensive, more than it would be worth. Not only is the hinge broken but the case is squashed too.

Sure is pretty. Does it reflect light? If yes, could be used as a reflector on a driveway, bicycle, mailbox, etc. Steam-punkers might be interested...

Can you get a close-up of the lozenge mark please. It is guilloché enamel with an engine-turned base and could be late Victorian.


Excellent, Jeannine,

I must agree.  Here is a site with several examples and below is an example that is similar in color.  

Enamel Guilloche Compact

i feel like this may be for rouge and from the 40s to 50s 


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