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I found this beautifull little trinket box tossed on a back shelf at a local thrift store. It is marked on the bottom "Peint . Main




it looks like a lady humpty dumpty and is very detailed  down to the bracelet on her wrist. Located several similar but nothing exact. I am wanting to sell this but dont know where to begin when pricing. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Staci.  Can you show us a picture of the top and bottom of the item?

Yes, see attached.


Okay.  This means "Hand Painted by MJ"  in Limoges, France.

Because they are all hand painted, each one is a bit different from the next.

My database of sales within the last two years shows two that sold on ebay.

One sold for $50 and one sold for $75

Hope this helps!

thank you for your input.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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