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I recently picked up this large Urn.    The women's father bought it in San Francisco  and had it shipped up to Minnesota years ago at a Estate Sale or Auction, she did not remember which.   It stands approximately 42 inches tall.   No chips or cracks.   Excellent condition.   I have tried to look up the mark and cannot find any reference to it anywhere that I have looked.    It is  my understanding that if it is not marked from the country of origin it would probably date from the 1800's.    Does anybody have any advice or information on this.   Thank you.

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Hi John, Your Urn is lovely! These usually came in sets of two, sometimes with a matching clock. That set of three is called a "Garniture" and was used  almost exclusively as a fireplace mantle decoration.

There are literately hundreds of different signatures for Limoges, which is a region in France. The "Fragonard" reference is for the type of scene you have, which is a "Romantic" type. Very popular in the mid to late 1800's. 

In order to put a value on your piece, you need to evaluate it based on size, condition, and if you have actual hand-painted scene or a decal type. I can't really tell from the pics, but you probably can if you look closely. If you see little brushstrokes, and unevenness in the lines etc. Then it is hand-painted. If it's overall smooth, and sometimes missing a spot here and there, that would be a decal. Once you sort that out, just compare with similar pieces online and see where the values are.

The actual marking is not that important. The size, condition and detail are. Nice find!

Thank you for the information Vicki.   I will check later to see if it is hand painted.   From what you can see would it be safe to assume that this piece would probably date pre-1900?

Yes, most in this style are. I'm not sure exactly when the production on these stopped however, but you could probably goggle around to find out more. And Your welcome! :)

Hi John, 

I think your piece might date closer to the mid-20th century, when the Fragonard-style lovers were in vogue. I'm concerned about the marking, as it says "R. Limoges," which makes it look like a name, when in fact Limoges is a geographical region.

I wondered about that too LB, but it has the "Fragonard France" marking there too. Do you think this was one of the American Limoges makers?

It seems like American Limoges is usually pretty good about implying it isn't from France. If not American, gold overglaze stamps often indicate China, but I can't be certain. I've never seen a yay/nay reference to this particular stamp before in a collector's guide, though there are a lot of pieces with this stamp on eBay.

Uh-Oh, John we may have have a problem here!

That would also explain why the Gold tone Handles are in such perfect condition?

That did throw me a bit. However, if we have a hand-painted scene, should we then think it is quite possibly early 20th France?

And if it is a decal scene, then quite possibly a "new" antique?

Where did you find this piece John?

I found it at a local Estate Sale.   As I said before this woman's father purchased it in San Francisco at a Estate Sale or Auction, she didn't remember for sure which.   He thought it was very special and had to have it.    

The handles are metal as is the base and finial on top, also a few other pieces of metal on the rim.

Here is a update on this Urn.    I double checked it and scene is a decal.   Also, the signature Gold-Plated, R. Limoges is applied on top of the glaze.   So it appears to be a more modern reproduction.    I only paid $70.00 for it so for that price it does make a nice looking piece of decor.    Now I am wondering who originally sold these or imported them and I also wonder what they originally cost.   Does anybody have any ideas on that and thank you very much for those people who commented on this.


This is off subject but why does the china cabinet behind your vase look like it's floating in mid air?


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