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As spring is maybe going to be here soon my jewlery discovery and selling binge is mercifully waning!   But before bidding you all farewell until next season, I would like to run this old set by you all .. for any comments.

These are hardly FINE …  that is the fittings are not.  I call stuff like this vintage, meaning I know it is old as I am at least, but I am fascinated by the high luster of these wee pearls (and I did research enough to know they are not REALLY pearls technically).

Should these go to the thrift store, the landfill, or have a go out there on eBay?

Super solid clasps which function well .. really striking lustered wee pearls.

Look forward to any comments ..  thanks .. Zeke

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Hard to say, but if they are inexpensive on Etsy??  ;0

Yup, hard to say.   Now the item you referenced were just the strands and it appears it may be a wee tricky, as I looked closely each "strand" is two rows, not the entire grouping they show in the image.

Might start them at $500 and allow offers!  :)

Thank .. will ponder it a bit .. Zeke

Well, Technically, these are "Fresh Water" pearls, sometimes called Baroque pearls. So yes, they are real, but no they are not from the ocean oysters, farmed or not!

They are currently on the upswing and have been selling for pretty nice prices lately, as far as I noticed. My son got married last summer, and I was going to purchase bracelets like this for his now wife's bridesmaids until I saw the prices, Yikes! LOL I then purchased some "single strands" of freshwater pearls from a bead store and made them bracelets instead, but I still paid a good price from the bead store.

So, yes, do sell them, not for a landfill or garbage can! As a guess, based on the style and clasps on yours here, I'd say they date from 1960 to 1980ish. If that helps at all. Good Luck!

All I need to feel OK about proceeding.    And check this image out just FYI.  Thanks .. Zeke

SEE?  Unique is unique...and Rare is always rare....Good for you.

Rarely do I have rare!  

Now, to clarify, the wee essay was only meant to be informative, ala interesting, and not an attribution for this RARE set of VALAUBLE Keshi pearls I have to offer!  

Thanks again for the back'n forth … Zeke

So Keshi and Freshwater are different types of pearl, as are Akoya and so on.. Here we go again - LOL You do have the most interesting items Zeke!

"Freshwater pearls come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and colors. Round freshwater pearls look almost identical to Akoya pearls but are less expensive, with a strand ranging from $50 to $2,000. They are versatile gemstones that are cultivated in freshwater, as opposed to sea or saltwater.

FACT: Freshwater pearls come from mussels, while Akoya pearls are produced by oysters. Pearl farms surgically implant each mussel with a tiny piece of mantle tissue – and in response, the mussel begins secreting nacre, which later forms the pearl".

I'll give you the blog link I took the following info (above) from. They do not mention Keshi as a type, strangely enough. But I think the Keshi as per info you posted are more of an anomaly that can occur in fresh or salt water, I think?? Not sure on that point. But, I wonder how one determines which is which? To my eye, yours appear to be the Freshwater variety, and they are larger which is nice, ie.. should equate to a better value?

Here is the link: https://www.thepearlsource.com/blog/facts-about-pearls/how-much-are...

Almost too many pearls of wisdom for an old timer like myself!   I'll toss them out and see if they sell .. then wont have to look at them anymore!   Thanks Vicki .. very interesting .. and who knew?   Z


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