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Hello All, I recently found 3 large gauges in wooden boxes, one paint grey with USN on the outside.  The gauge is 10" across and made by Crosby.  The high pressure value and large wing nut must have made this gauge for some very specific use.  Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

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YOUR TURN.  Google" US Patent 736975 Assignee Crosby, (Enter).  When they open click "Images".  If you find something noteworthy use Copy/Paste.

I checked 737159 and found some non-essential info that has no bearing on your gauge.

Often inventions contain several minor inventions worthy of patents.

none of the images seem to correlate. the # on the gauge face must not have anything to do with a patent if all three are different on the same type of gauges ????? the whole configuration had one very specific use which is the mystery.  Thanks Tom!

I see your point but the USN was only one customer who used the gauge.  Other users of the same gauge, perhaps a railroad or steamship, utility or manufacturer might have other  issues that required added inventions (& pat.nos.).

To determine the exact use would require contacting the USN and it (the use) could be Classified or Secret and not available except on a "need to know" basis.

For resell it is an antique (2-02-1900), high pressure (5,000 psi) gauge. Said to have been used by the U.S.Navy.


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