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Hello All, I recently found 3 large gauges in wooden boxes, one paint grey with USN on the outside.  The gauge is 10" across and made by Crosby.  The high pressure value and large wing nut must have made this gauge for some very specific use.  Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

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It appears the invention is not for the gauge but rather the connecting mechanism below. Says it was designed for mining and is for some type of pump...You could have found the patent yourself; all the info is on line.

Scroll down to #25 thru end. (Inventor's description).


IMO it looks like an air pressure valve maybe for filling scuba tanks.  Tanks are tested to 3,000 psi, but filled to 2,200 psi. (ex diver). May have other applications involving air pressure.


UPDATE: I meant to say that the link showing the schematics of the invention on the left side margin has a space to type in 3 other pages.  Simply type 2, 3 or 4 and click "Go".  On Pg 3 is a large explanation of how it works. You can also click on the bullets beneath for additional info.

It's on Page 1 when it opens.

Thanks for your efforts Tom.  The gauge components don't seem to compare to the drawings or description.  Some other source told me he thinks the entire configuration was used to pressurize torpedoes????  Research to continue. 


Update.  Because this wasn't adding up I went in the attic and dug out another box, pics attached, and see its a different number. 

Took some more sleuthing but I think I found it!

Assignee of patent was Crosby Valve & Gage (old spelling) Boston, MA; Pat #643876 ptd Feb 20, 1900.  Has many uses, but it is, as I suspected earlier, a pressure gauge used in pressurizing anything liquid or gaseous.


Been looking at torpedoes from 1868 thru WW II. Lots of info but nothing about your  valve/gauge.

I discovered that military inventions used a code word "mining" to throw off any would-be spy.

Mike, your pics didn't attach. (as of Fri, 10/4)

USNg.jpg    USNb.jpg   

Ok trying again.  Thank you again for your efforts Tom

Pics came thru, but you said you "could see it was a different number" which  you failed to disclose.

Is it the same one I posted, 643876?

Hi Tom The # on one of the other gauges is 737159  I haven't dug the third one out to check that #.


third # is different as well 736975



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