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Hoping this is an easy one for someone, but its stumped me.  It appears to be hollow lead, there are two holes in the bottom and a hole in the back.  They are large holes, which makes me think it attached to something else, but not sure.   Its approx 2.5" long or so.  

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i THINK maybe not blimp

Can't see pic, any idea why?

Check again, I had them as links, just embedded them.

blimps were called "GAS BAGS",  even so I have to agree with BikerB...not a blimp.

The pics show both sides, or front and back. I believe your object attached to a valve of some kind on a propane gas, or gasoline line or pump or tank that indicated which way to turn the valve left or, by reversing your item, to the right. In other words it fits either a left turn or a right turn valve(switch or knob).

The fact that it's made out of lead rather than steel indicates the use is for gas of some type because lead doesn't spark and steel does. Bronze and brass don't spark either.

The holes in it seem to indicate it connected to something, possibly as a valve of some type, it just looks so much like a ship, made me think it might be a toy.  

I'll venture that it has to do with acetylene gas. The upper part looks like laboratory ware. Gas for house, miners head lamps and automobile lights was once "made" from the chemical reaction of carbide and water. The spout could indicate the direction of flow. The lower part looking like a boat could place this on a boat as LP gas isn't used on boats for cooking because it settles and becomes an explosion hazard. I googled a bit but came up empty.

Actually after looking at it some more, I am changing my stance back to toy.  It looks like the small holes on the sides were for wheels.  Not sure about the holes underneath or on the back though.  I thought maybe it was a whistle, but maybe not.

Plus the front and back make it look like it was a part of a train?  Hook in the back and loop in the front to connect on to other wheeled pieces?

THAT makes sense

Scrolled Ebay, looks like a Barclay toy train piece. Cool

Thank you!  Yes, found it, wow this one is in rough shape.  But still lots of fun.  Thanks everyone.


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