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Hi! Newbie here! I collect Pyrex and have resources (including The Unauthorized Collector's Guide!) that usually allow me to identify a piece.  Today I found this cover that I'm guessing would go to a big roasting pan. It's almost 16" long and over 9" wide and about 1 1/2" deep. The word PYREX is in raised letters on what would be the underside of the cover and we thought it might  baste meat as it's cooking like the prongs inside a cast iron dutch oven do. There are numbers on the side; looks like 2000. The glass has numerous bubbles and waves in it. I can't find out a thing about it and sure hope someone here may have some ideas! Pretty exciting find for us! Many thanks in advance for any help! 

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Hi Dirk, Yes, it's seems we have a mystery here. But I'm thinking that this item may have been made for export to the UK or other parts of Europe, and that would explain why we are having such a hard time making an id on it. Please do check your guide, maybe there is more info there.

It's not in mine - but my guide is the newer version, mainly covering the bowl sets and so forth.

I have this same roaster and lid which I purchased at an antique store in Corning, NY mere miles from the Corning Glass Factory.  I have hundreds of pieces of Pyrex but until now have not seen another like this! My uncle (now in his late 80's) worked at the factory and said oftentimes pieces were made exclusively for their test kitchens.

It is one of my most exciting finds!!


Glad this is still generating some responses. And now I'll tell the "rest of the story" as they say. I sold this to a collector in the midwest. He had a roaster and lid and he bought mine for another roaster he had without the lid. The USPS semi truck it was in was in a terrible accident in the same state and everything in it burned up. I ended up filing a claim and got back my sale price and lost shipping and this lovely piece. Just sick about it and so was the buyer....

Hello All, 

I am a longtime hunter and collector, new to this forum. I found one of these lids yesterday, 

and stumbled onto this website while trying to find information. I also found a booklet posted online at a great information site "Corelle Corner". I pasted the section of the booklet dedicated to the roaster below. The site further states "The aluminum roaster with a Pyrex lid (2000) was a new product in late 1926, and was dropped two or three years later."

Thank you so much for sharing this! I have sold much of my overflow of Pyrex and have been toying with the idea of selling my roaster for awhile but without any info have been unsure... I'm not sure if this helped or hindered the process but it is incredible info to have!!

You know you are my favorite twin sister =) It's one of my holy grail pieces. I'm glad you posted this as a larger picture - that way I can stare at it as my computers wallpaper!

I've been searching for info re this Pyrex roaster and lid. I picked it up at a yard sale. Wondering what the value is. I have a space at a vintage consignment shop and would like to sell it. Or maybe I should sell it online.
How would I find the value?

Ebay may be your best bet -  a lot of lids by themselves have been listed lately. It will depend on condition 100%.  The bottom is a heck of  a lot harder to find than the top.


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