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Hi, came across these glass finials in a box lot at an estate sale recently.  They all measure 2" in height, and all have the same brass screw on end that measures about 3/4" in diameter.  I thought possible uses could be for a lamp, for a faucet, for a curtain rod, for dresser/cabinet, but the size of the brass end has me wondering.  I can't seem to find anything similar online.  Any help in identifying is gladly appreciated!   Thank you.  Karen

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Are the bottoms hollow or solid?

Usually, finials would be "female" and have threading on the inside?

Hi Molly, the ends are solid.  I thought of wine/bottle stops but the threaded brass end didn't seem right.  I have attached another picture.


Hi Molly, the ends are solid.  I also thought of wine/bottle stoppers but the brass end didn't seem right.  I have attached another photo.


See the link to Etsy I provided above.

Related image

Thank you Molly, the items on Etsy are the closest I have seen!  Appreciate the information.

Hi Karen, A few thoughts.. Might be repurposed dresser or cabinet knobs, most pieces like this are used on top of lamps, but I'm assuming the threads throw that idea out. Thats why I'm Thinking repurposed. The other thought is, possibly from a furniture store, department store that used "faux" bulbs for a prop type setting.

All that I can come up with at the moment..

Overmyer patented this threaded glass drawer/door pull in 1921-24. They have begun selling new ones presently.  https://www.glassian.org/Overmyer/index.html

It appears to me that the glass pull unscrews from the metal part. The metal is mounted into a hole and the glass pull is screwed into it.

the brass threaded finials, in varying sizes were used in many places such as bed knobs, bannister decorations, curtain rods, drawer pulls etc...  there were those which were threaded straight into the glass, lucite or later on plastic, often these were found more in places where light could pass through them, such as lamps and chandelliers.

I've too have looked aorund online for what you show here, but have not found anything close enough to your items which may offer any further insight as to their true purpose.

Are your's hollow?  is there a hole or slot in the base of the brass threaded area?  Can you see through the top to see inside at how the brass is potentially affixed to the glass?

I asked the same question earlier


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