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Trying to ID this doll!

In my research, I've seen many German porcelain head dolls but most of them know the manufacturer name. This doll DOES NOT HAVE ANY MARKINGS except on the  bisque socket head it is incised with: Germany 2/0.

She has working blue sleep eyes with painted lashes and brows. Open mouth with four upper porcelain teeth. Ball jointed papier-mâché and wood body that is in fairly good condition with some light paint wear and a couple of cracks but the body seems to be nicely strung. She is wearing cotton under skirt, panties, cotton socks, and shoes that may be original? She has a brown human hair wig in good condition, even though it needs to be re-glued to the head. The top part of the head is open so you can still see the workings inside.

She measures 18 inches.

I'm attaching three more photos to provide a visual, one of the wig and one of the doll body without her clothes.

This doll belongs to a friend of mine who received it as a child 60 years ago. However, I'm wondering if it was used when her mother presented it to her one Christmas with a new hand sewn outfit, which she doesn't have anymore.

We need to identify it and give it a value, because she wants to sell it to donate toward a historic preservation project in our community.

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Ellene - I hope that "DollDoc" responds, as I think she will know right away. However, I have appraised dolls just like yours in the past. I believe that she is absolutely original and Antique, German - ca. 1880 - 1915. There were several very good makers in Germany at this time, and most of them shared bits and pieces with France as well. So it's sometimes difficult to determine exactly what you have.

I want to say Bru  - she has many features that are similar, also Simon and Halbig made very similar dolls to. There are also many, unknown or little known makers, but all antique dolls like yours are recognized anyway - due to specifics of manufacturing.

There is a pretty good website, if you haven't already tried it? http://dollreference.com/

This site used to be much better and easier to access but I think another site bought them out? Anyway, if you try to ID through that site you should have better luck, or get a good book on Antique German and French Dolls.

Good Luck - She's beautiful! :)

Thank you, Vicki!!

I did look on that site but without a maker name, I just tried to match up photos. I found a similar face on the Kestner Dolls page, date 1820-1938.

What stumps me is that it seems most Bru dolls are marked. This one is not. I only have "Germany 2/0" stamped on the back of her bisque head.

One of the pages I didn't research until you mentioned it, is Simon and Halbig. They have a mold that looks really close...Simon Halbig Jutta doll mold 1348

Really appreciate your help! Thanks for your encouragement too.

She is not a Bru.  Bru are made in France and this one is clearly marked Germany so that is out.  Are there any markings at all above the word Germany that may be obscured by the old glue?   Also look for any markings on the body as well that may help id her.

I agree she is a German doll. There are no markings of any kind above the word "Germany" on the back of her head. Beneath the word is 2/0 and further down her back is the number 11. No other markings anywhere.

The owner of the doll said her mother gave it her in 1954 but she's pretty sure it had belonged to her or one of her aunts previously. Her mother was born in 1914. They lived in Rochester, NY and her grandparents were of German descent. There were lots of Eastern Europe people living in Rochester then and her grandparents lived in a part of the city often called Dutch Town.

Thanks for your help!

Does this info help "DollDoc"?


Can you tell which German maker this doll might be with the photographs and information that I have added?

She's 18 inches long.


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