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I believe I posted this item a while ago but thought I would post again for fresh insights. As you can see it is a collection of white  maybe ivory maybe bone not sure , of what I believe to be some type as gaming chips . I have not been able to find anything that resembles these to to them marked as suits in cards . The black is inlaid and both sides of the chips have same thing . I have found gaming chips with oriental background which usually are designed with etchings, Floral display but nothing like this.  I would greatly appreciate and insight you may have for first what are they, second era,3rd  where they come from, lastly possible value .    I thank you all in advance for your help. John

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John (& Others), at the top of this, or any, page on IAO is a heavy black line. On the right side is the Search Engine for IAO. By typing, "gaming chips" it will show every past post.  Your prior post was in June 2019. http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/group/whadjafind/forum/topics/early-...

I happened to ZOOM in on a "spade" chip and discovered an anomaly that leads me to believe the centers are not inlaid as you thought but rather filled with a dry enamel powder, which when heated liquefies and fills in the depression, like paint.  I think I can see off-white mottling in the white color, that plus lines indicates the material is celluloid.  Celluloid is an early form of man-made "plastic" made from plant cells rather than petroleum.  It becomes very brittle with age.

There is a test for ivory. Use a needle, heat tip red hot, on back push into material. If ivory, nothing will happen, No hole, no scratch.  If celluloid, bakelite or plastic a small hole.  If you use a pin aluminum transfers heat much faster than steel and you could burn your hand.

chinese betting chips   comes in a set    one on ebay for 194.64  for 37 pieces 

Image result for Victorian era bone gaming counters

This is French, but I am getting away from the Chinese versions....


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