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My aunt asked me to research the value of this watch. The markings say "Flambeau Swiss Watch." I've done some preliminary research before posting here and haven't come up with much... nothing like it is on Ebay. I understand that there are some swiss fakes out there that are marketed to look like swiss made watches but are of lesser quailty. Anyone know anything abut Flambeau Swiss Watch Company?







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My bad... next time i'll use the "attach images" option!



I also have pretty much the same watch. Not much info on it. What did you find out?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hey Deb,


Do you know anything about the watch?

I got it with a box of pocket watches and watch repair tools. Would be nice to recoup some of the money.....



What does it say on the face below the 6?

Also what is written inside?  I can see words and numbers but can't read it.

Is this a pocket watch or wrist watch?  In checking I can't find any wristwatches made by Flambeau, just pocket watches.  I also see a lot of Chinese imports...

Oh, no.....ah...mine is from prior to the chinese flood.

It says swiss made at the bottom. But its level to the bottom of the 6. So it would be

swiss 6 made.

on the inside back of the watch case.

it says flambeau watch co.


I took some better pictures. hopefully theyre legible.



 A very Good reference on wrist and pocket watches, giving great perspective on company history,  production information,and current price guide: is Cooksey Shugart, from Tennessee, his giuide comes out yearly, it will likely be in a library near you, or on Ebay. He's highly regarded by horologists, and jewelers, as well as "pickers". Google him, you'll find detail that is current and credible.

 Jim Sayles


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