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Dear All, 

Just purchased an extraordinary piece of furniture that I believe dates to 18th century, possibly a bit earlier. I bought it really for the carving work (see photos), but I'm puzzled as to what, exactly, it is. I thought possibly it's a dresser top cut down, but then it seems impractical to get stuff in an out. Ignore the modern items placed in there for display. The added bonus is that the back is lined with 18th century (or earlier) fabric, which though faded, has hips/crab-apples. This one is a genuine puzzler. Never seen anything quite like it. Thoughts/comments much appreciated. 

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A few more pics 


Top of a Brittany vasselier perhaps with a newer base installed. we do these sometimes with french hutches, sell the bottom as a buffet and make a base for the top for a 2nd console or buffet. The style of the carving could be something other than French but Brittany is an outlier in French styles.

Thanks a lot. I'm sure it's been cut down from something much larger. Could well be a vasselier top. Just loved the carving really. As you say, country of origin might not be France from the carving style. 

More typical: A4332A1

This is very impressive- I am particularly fond of the back lining! 

Thank you. I agree about the lining. It was what convinced me to get it. 

The more I look, with the nailhead decor, this is Brotagnesque, from Brittany, an odd mix of British and French styles.

Thank you for your comment. Most interesting. 

Musee de Bretagne has some interesting Vaisselier images 


I was curious about the heart shape (?) on the second rack...I found this one, though.  Nothing compared to yours, but use of ornamentation on the racks beyond spindles.

Heart and doves usually indicate a wedding piece from the family. I do have an armoire with the quadrifoglio carving in the shop now-never had one before out of 3000 armoires, never even noticed one before. Brittany is a weird place for France.


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