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DID YOU KNOW??? "The earliest Snow Babies were made around 1900 in pre-WW I Germany. Most of these original models featured children and adults, crafted with exquisite detailing; some being "frosted" with ground porcelain to imitate snow. After WW I...." Read more: About Antique Snow Babies | eHow.com

So...are Snow Babies in your shop?? Home? Curio Cabinet? On Display for Christmas?

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That is awesome Ellene! I knew they existed a long time ago, but never saw such nice one's! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Vicki...just want to make sure you know the ones in the photo are not old. :) They are from the link below the image...probably this year's Dept 56.

I would LOVE to see photos of early ones though! Anyone have any of these from 1900?

This is my very first Dept 56  Snowbaby " There's No Place Like Home",  which got me started collecting and I used to have way to many , when the store called,  I ran to get the newest releases until around 2001 when 911 happened and I had to auction most of them off.  I just loved the hobo and it was issued in 1996.   It was a challenge to find the older retired D56 Snowbabies before the internet retailer's sold the secondary market. I scoured gift stores when traveling and I went to "Gatherings" with other Department collectors and we met all over the country for several years.

I was even an "America On-Line " chat host for 9 years until AOL discontinued the hosting program. Many "Dept 56ers" as we called ourselves had fun in nightly chats on very village topic. I was " Dept 56 Junke " and spent many hours on-line every night with other collector friends that became very close friends as we met each other at Gatherings. Many vendors sold secondary at these gatherings and it was a treat to find an older retired piece and they went up in price significantly.


I did also get a few village pieces I liked  and pretended to live in "New England Village" sailing to "Season's Bay Village " when it released I got the whole set and was signed by the artist.  I also had "Kristi Jenson Pierro", the artist of "Dept. 56 Snowbabies" sign several pieces at many gatherings I attended.   

Smiles, Cyndi

Oh wow, Cyndi! You are the all time expert on Snow Babies!! From your experience as a Dept 56er, I'm sure you could answer just about any question on this topic!

Sorry you had to auction off most of your collection though. That must have been heart wrenching.

And...thank you for sharing your first Snowbaby " There's No Place Like Home." What year was this?

The Hobo was issued in 1996 and I spent way to much $ on them. We just fed each other with America On-line I can see now, but everyone collecting is changing with the times.  I especially liked the the all white ones with no color but I did break down and get the "Dorthy with red shoes" when it started the Guest Series! 


Thanks for your interest Ellene, do you collect them also? 


I don't have a single piece but I admire them! Surely there will be others who do collect these adorable little ones and can add to our discussion!

Hi Cyndi!

I have about 39 Snowbabies for sale and most are retired and most/some are from the 1990's and before! I am selling them for very cheap and was wondering if you may be interested?

Thanks for the offer Alexis but I have no room to collect any more. In fact, I need to list some for sale that I will just have to part with. 

Smiles, Cyndi

So...are Snow Babies still a big collectible? Just wondering...

I am sure their are still Dpt 56 Snowbaby Collectors out there, we just have to find them.

You just never know who will want retired inventory. 

I sure did at the time as I  thought I wanted them all... 

Smiles,  Cyndi

 I have  a lot of Dept 56 ephemera, houses, and some hard to find items never for sale that I got at the "Department 56 Gatherings" for sale now on Ebay under " frstyfrolk" I won some at HOUSE Bingo and at the secondary markets available at the shows. I have much more to list as I am just getting started.  

I think most have lost much of the value they had when I first started collecting as the Internet came along and shops cleaned out their back room spaces.  

Now you fins some folks selling them who never really loved them, they just purchased old inventory! 

I never cared for the colors  they started adding when they started the " Guest Series Collections" and now many Snowbabies have color like in your photos above.  By the way, that is a beautiful photo.

My Ebay link is http://www.ebay.com/usr/frstyfrolk, keep watching for new listings. 

Hey, Cyndi, I checked out your stuff on ebay and i just love the Snowbaby puzzle! That just looks like so much fun!

Thanks for your comments here. They are very enlightening. In fact, what's happened with Dept 56 collectibles is the story on so many others too. Back in the 90's, I worked the merchandise retail shows and Dept 56 was nearby at the mart in Denver. I know it was a hot spot for store buyers then.

I Bet working the Merchandise Marts were fun to do! I went to Rosemont once and saw many Collectible Displays and Booths! Awesome! 

I met Kristi Jenson Pierro and Judith Price many time at the Gatherings.

Yes, times are tough now and the GOLD Dealers are not anymore in many places, In fact, the store I shopped has closed down.  

I was very friendly with the owners and they called me every time a new piece came in and I went running!  Times have sure changed. 

Blessings and Happy Holidays! 

Smiles, Cyndi


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