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Hello. We are seeking help in determining what this little figurine is. We found this in the drawer of a deceased antique dealer. She appears to be gold, but is much too heavy to be gold. She stands 4 inches tall. There is a large amethyst on the base. There is a ruby or garnet on her head and another on her dress. There are also rows of turquoise stones on her gown. She was in a wooden box that is covered with a thin coat of leather. The inside is carved to her shape and then covered in velvet. Thank you for any help you can provide. Brenda

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Brenda, it appears that you and Charlie are not siblings. A few years ago another Brenda from Ohio and her brother Charles CT-CA conspired to get me kicked off IAO. One complained, then the other, to Scott who used to own IAO. And with no warning or contact he kicked me off. The complaint was a total fabrication and lie which I proved to Dianne. She got me back and kicked off B&C.  A few months later B&C, using different names attempted to join again, but I recognized them and Dianne kicked them off a second time.  Charles CT-CA was a Born Again Christian. He was an Auctioneer, lived in Connecticut (CT) and part time in California (CA).

Sorry if I impugned your reputation, please forgive.


Hello Mr, Tom,

   I do not know Miss Betty, nor have I ever been a member of this or any other Antique Forum before- so, your information is wrong. I am relatively new here. I also have never been kicked off any forum.  I do not speak for anyone here but myself. And your above attribution as to a Wax Seal Holder ---Sadly, is also wrong. As the figure is complete, and has an Antique fitted box that included no space or spaces for such an attachment- I`d say your theories are wrong. I would love for you to solve the mystery of this item- and identify it---So, I can get some rest.

   I take exception to your lack of tact, and to your delivery .

Many other members here are thinking the same thing, but decide to let it go...

"I" am the other kind. I think, (as I`ve said before) that many times your remarks are spot on. And other times, you seem to try to pick the item apart, (as in this instance.) This is not a guessing game. And if it were, You are not good at it...

It is so easy to be nice----be nice Mr. Tom...     God Bless,---Cowboy


 Hello Mr. Michael,

   I have to agree that your logic is correct- and that this could be a wax seal that was never engraved for the new owner. Makes perfect sense. But, it could also be something else- as it is a relic of unknown age and origin and application. Together, "WE" are on the right track and getting closer...

Thanks for your help...-----------God Bless,---Charlie

Charles L. Floyd, you are a newcomer here. I've been a member since IAO started 10 or so years ago.  We now have over 20,000 members.  My Ning # is 152. I've helped thousands of people identify and evaluate their items. I've made a few mistakes.

You make mistakes too. OP (Original Poster) name is Brenda, not Betty. You do not know Betty, nor do it...  You call Brenda, "Miss Brenda" even though she is married.  You and Michael and Brenda and I have no idea what this thing is.  I merely suggested it is a wax seal holder. This is my opinion and I don't need some newbie telling me it's wrong, sadly.  You think that knocking my research makes you look smart?  It doesn't. This forum requires good guess work and knowledge.  You are right, the indentation for the item does not include the Seal cube, but the concave lid has ample space for it, or maybe it came in its own container.  From what I can see on the statue the base is concave and it looks like the cube could fit into it.

As I said to Brenda, Charlie, if I impugned your reputation please forgive me.


Hi Tom,

I do see why you think the base is concave, but what you are doing is looking through the faceted stone embedded in the base.  The stone actually protrudes from the base and the 'statue' sits upon its flat faceted surface.

Hello Mr. Tom,

   I accept your apology. I did slip on Miss Brenda`s name and called her "Miss Betty"- was accidental, and I apologize to her. " Now, let`s start over and work together." 

  I try to be respectful of other people in my remarks using , "Mr. Tom", "Mr. Michael" and "Miss Brenda" in addressing them. It is just the way I talk. I also slipped another time which you failed to mention- signing my name, "Cowboy"- which is more correct than my real name. I try to conduct myself as a Gentleman at all times. If I don`t know the item, or do not have the time to look it up- I usually do not comment on that item. An "educated guess" is helpful to the forum provided reasoning is correct. Guesses at the age of an item should be backed up with photos or data from an identified similar item.

   And while I am a "Newbie" on this forum, I have had many, many years dealing with all kinds of Antiques, from collecting to buying and selling.

While not all items here are valuable, I try to be respectful of the owner.

I , also will not allow anyone to "pick an item apart" and will correct that member... "It`s the Roy Rogers in me." It is all about delivery and tact--and it is easy...

Enough about me--Let`s move on, Thanks----God Bless,---Cowboy (from now on)

Anyone conducting Searches on this item might use this label:

"Antique Figural Wax Seal in Original Box" 

Hey Cowboy. I am a National Trainer of Teachers. They all call me "Miss Brenda" too. It's the way we talk in my world. :) 

Just got in from NYC, am getting ready to leave again for Missouri, but will get back to all this later in the week when I return to Ohio. 


Safe Travels...---Cowboy

oh my Goodness! Welcome Brenda, and what a lovely lady you have there! I had two thoughts: Austrian Bronze, cold painted as sculpture, or as several here have suggested, a seal that was never completed. Believe it or not, (22 yrs as an estate sale specialist, liquidator, dealer and appraiser) We once had an item similar to yours. No where near as lovely though. :) That piece too, lacked the intaglio inscription one would expect to find.

I don't think she (yours) is gold, My guess (and its nothing more) is Bronze, cold painted and likey from Austria. Best way to learn more might be to send your photos to a few large auction houses. Off the top I'd say Christies, Heritage, Skinner and throw in a fourth for good measure, perhaps Rago, or Cowan. (If they respond immediately, proceed with great caution) I wish I were joking, sadly I'm not. At the very least you will discover what you now own with certainty! Please do keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing your guesses! I am excited to learn about her. I did send info to a local "expert" today and am waiting to hear back or to get an "appointment". Will keep everyone posted. 

What a beautiful object, the case certainly looks old 19th century or quite possibly even earlier, I would love to be able to see it in person and get a feel for it! I can't wait to for the test results.

My finding would be this is definitely a Desk Seal Figurine with rectangular crystal or glass at base not yet or never carved with intaglio mark. It is possible the pink stone at the top of the figure could also have been used as seal, although it does not have a high profile so, maybe not. However, that does not discount the thought that the stone on head-dress has not been replaced.

The 4" height is comfortable size for easy handling.

My guess is it is not amethyst crystal.


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