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Hello. We are seeking help in determining what this little figurine is. We found this in the drawer of a deceased antique dealer. She appears to be gold, but is much too heavy to be gold. She stands 4 inches tall. There is a large amethyst on the base. There is a ruby or garnet on her head and another on her dress. There are also rows of turquoise stones on her gown. She was in a wooden box that is covered with a thin coat of leather. The inside is carved to her shape and then covered in velvet. Thank you for any help you can provide. Brenda

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My earlier attribution of style of dress which I attempted to edit- should be "Spanish" and of the late 18th - early 19th Century. I believe this is more correct.

God Bless,---Charlie

Thanks for all the info Charlie! I'm now more interested than ever and will certainly take her to a jeweler soon. I'll post again when I get more info. 

Charlie, I have a picture of Jesus Christ wearing garments from 2,000 years ago...your logic is that the picture must be 2,000 years old.

In other words what the lady is wearing, style, etc., has nothing to do with the age of it.

There are other types of "fobs", watch fob, keys fob, pocketwatch fob, chatelaine fob...some of which may be 4 inches tall. 

The chipped blue stone pointed out by Michael is not turquoise. I suspect it is ceramic, painted blue.  Also as Charlie says the stones, garnet and amethyst are not valuable either. (I agree).  Therefore the gold, not marked or karat weight shown, is not gold either.

Re the chipped blue stone, just above it the gold above the chip is also chipped...explain that since gold doesn't chip. Is your gold lady ceramic, painted gold?

Okay Mr. Tom,

   I also have read all of the above provided information --carefully. And I have also tried to help (through my experience) with items of this sort that I`ve been involved with through the years. I used to buy gold for a living. I have in no way said how old that I thought the figure is- only that the box has some considerable age (by the wear and fading.) I`ll leave my assessment till after the gold test, and further research. It is not possible to tell from these photos if the object is gold or not. I can tell from the photos however that if it is gold- it is a lower kt. of gold--perhaps 9 or 10kt. 14 kt. is a different color, 18kt, 22kt & 24 kt. are more and more orange yellow gold. Miss Brenda stated that this piece is very heavy. On a watch chain (for instance), a ring on chain`s one end attaches to a belt loop , the fob in the middle, and your watch on the other end of the chain. A fob of 4 inches, weighing even four ounces could easily pull the watch from your vest pocket and damage the watch. There is also no trace of an attachment- which would have had to be substantial were this ever worn as a piece of jewelry. An attribution towards a chatelaine fob or pendant are equally in question- because of the weight. How would you like a four ounce piece of metal bouncing off your chest if you stood up wrong? If this piece were hollow and not heavy- then possibly. Go back and read her description-- again...

In Michael`s Post on metal weights - a cubic centimeter of gold weighs 19 grams, (almost 2/3 of an ounce). Can you help us calculate the number of cubic centimeters in this four inch statue? `Would be more than my four ounce example up above...

   Now, if not gold- what else could it be? It could be brass, copper, bronze or silver that has been gold washed. If it is only the lesser, but has extreme age- is it still valuable? I`d say so, because of the character of the piece and unusual design. But we don`t know the age as of yet. I have only made reference to the style of the dress- not to the age of the piece. You might reread my post, too. I also think that your advice to obtain a written appraisal was a bad call. A verbal opinion from an educated person many times costs nothing while appraisers are paid well for their knowledge or research and paperwork. A simple gold test from a pawn shop could be painlessly inexpensive and get better results for Miss Brenda. 

  I am attempting to be patient with you (as we are all different). I think this is another example of you- not knowing the subject. When this happens, you are often critical of the object (Foo Foo, I call it) and tend to have nothing good or of help to say. This may benefit you (for some reason) but does not help Miss Brenda in her search for answers.

This is not why we are here. If you have nothing good to say-- or that helps--- say nothing... Or you could just research the item... As I`ve said previously... Just move on...       God Bless ----Charlie

No, she is definitely metal. And heavy. 

Most jewelers can test the purity of the metal and the authenticity of the stones. Many will charge for their time. If so, ask for a written appraisal; it will help sell the item or insure it. She sure is pretty.

Thank you. I will try to take her in next week. I just need to locate a reputable jeweler here in town. 

I think I may have found out what she is. The base is strange looking, as though something is missing. I discovered that there are wax seal cubes that are inter-changeable. They fit in the bottom and have 6 different imprints to be used as per the occasion.

Related image

Charlie, you say in an earlier Reply that you are new here, yet you criticize my replies from the past...how did you make such a determination in such a short time?  You said you are patient...but your comments and innuendos about me show that you are not.

You AND YOUR SISTER, Brenda were kicked off IAO TWICE for snotty remarks and lies.

Do you want to make it three times?

Another thing Charlie, it says 4 inches, NOT ounces. You and Brenda use the personal pronoun "we" in your replies.  WE means Brenda and Charles.

At any rate Brenda I believe you have a Wax Seal holder.  I doubt she is gold though.

Hi Tom

Unless the base section, with the Amethyst set in it, separates from the top figure of the woman, I don't see how the wax seal cube would either attach to, or be held by, the item... there's nowhere for it to fit.

I still think it is a wax seal, at this point, I've seen so many examples online of gemstones being used in this manner, set into the base of an item and then engraved for wax seal work. From rings, to fobs even to a statue of a man. each had a gemstone set in the base being used as a wax seal stamper.

I just think it was never engraved, instead of either being kept as a statue or perhaps they never got around to having it engraved.

Hmmm. Tom, I'm not really sure if I am understanding what you are inferring, but "we" in my initial post and replies refers to my husband, mother and I

Charlie also uses "we".  He also calls you Miss Brenda. As I recall your husband's name is Jeff. For some reason I thought you and Charlie were the "we" since you both used it in your replies.

I can't see the bottom in the picture due to flash back and shadows.  From what I can see it looks like it fits into the cavity and is held by compression.

Maybe Brenda can see if there's some type of compression or clasp that would hold it in place.

Well, my husband CARY and I are getting a few chuckles over all this correspondence and aren't quite sure what we have stepped into. 

Gentlemen, I am working out of state until the middle of next week.  When I return home, I will take this piece in for some testing. I'll share the results with you within the next 2 weeks. 

Thank you for giving me some information and sharing your thoughts. I feel that I have a "starting point" now. I have a few other pieces that I would like to get your opinions and impressions on but let's get through this one first!!

By the way, I have zero experience with antiques and no knowledge to draw upon.  

Best, Brenda


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