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It was suggested my sugar and creamer may be depression glass.  Evidentily EAPG it is not. Does anybody here know?

This is what I was told,

The "cutting" is a common one used in the 1920-1030s and was often done by decorating houses  (companies who bought glass from manufacturers and sold it under their own names).  The handle appears to be one of Duncan & Millers.  However, without a known decoration there is no way to ID it, because there are other sets with very similar handles and unless you have all of them and yours in one place at one time so you can compare them, no one can say for sure.  

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Hi, I'm not sure if you're still here or not.

Would help immensely if you posted your items in GROUPS-Whadjafind.

As for your sugar and creamer, it could be as you say, or newer. Design was done by a wheeled cutting device by hand; quick, easy and inaccurate.  Sugar bowl has a chip in it.  These sets are quite common, in thrift stores they sell for around $5.00-7.50 USD.  Unfortunately, the chip ruins the sugar bowl, so only the creamer has value at around $2-4.00.

Any questions asked and unanswered on YOUR home page are not seen by other members unless they actually visit your page.

We also have specialty groups under GROUPS:  i.e., depression glass, antique glass, EAPG, Glass lovers, carnival glass, etc.

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