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I have a beautiful Lion with the name Braye carved into it.

I'm new on here and really don't know how to go about doing anything on here. Sorry    I have this beautiful lion and would love to know more about it. Can anyone help me or tell me where I may seek truthful help? Thanks and God Bless.

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No it is not bronze. At one time a few years back I paid to have pictures sent on line to see about it. They took a long long time as they were researching it. They came back saying they felt is was a real BARYE and that one has sold in New York and went for some pretty big bucks. I just have never done anymore with it. They said they were not all Bronze???? Who knows I sure don't. Thanks so much for you time and your kindness.
Have a Blessed day. ITs raining cats and dogs in Central KY j
I'm so sorry and feel stupid that I do not know what is is made from. It very hard and sculpted?? Heavy....Not easy to break or crack. Can you tell anything from the way the name has been put into the peice? I wish I knew more.
My father dealed in Antq on a very small scale. More just for him as he loved the beauty of a peice.
I rec'd the peice around 1977. Again thank you so much. If you know where I could take the pc or send pictures I'd be grateful. Blessings, Judy


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