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I've had this ashtray for quite a few years. It's 8" square by 1 1/2" high. As you can see in the photo from one of the Bouggess's books it's an almost exact duplicate of the ashtray in the photo with the exception that mine has a buzz star in the center. Wondering if anyone here possibly might have more information on this.

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Hi Chris, While your is "similar" to the one shown in the book, it is also different, in the following ways: The one in the books does not have the whirling star in the center, and I think the leaves on the etched little florals (on each raised edge) are not the same. The book photo shows them as thinner. 

While it's possible that yours is just a slightly different pattern by this artist, (I'm leaning toward that option) it might also be a Czech glass copy. Sometimes it's possible to compare the old glass to a newer one by color- because the old ones are usually a "flint" formula, and newer glass is made with lead, there is sometimes a big difference in the color. (If you have a for certain leaded glass piece you can compare this with, give it a try).

Other than that though, it's nearly impossible to tell. So, for your inventory/collection entry, perhaps just list it as an "anomaly" meaning we cannot be certain. 

The only other option I could think of is if you could find an expert on the William L. Wixson patterns, and glass cutting techniques. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :(

Thanks for the reply Vicki. You're correct about the center motif and also about the leaves. I just compared the two again and you're correct. The leaves on the Wixson one are thinner. I've been Googling William L. Wixson with no success. I've found one reference to him at the Corning Museum of Glass site - https://www.cmog.org/library/wixson-cuts-beauty-glass?search=librar...

Just an observation, the ashtray in the photo from Mr. Wixson indicates it was specifically designed for the authors of the article(?), so he MAY have changed the normal pattern to accommodate a request?

That's possible also Molly. I just don't know and may never find out.


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