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Hi everyone, I did a post about this issue the other day on The Vintage List blog, I thought I would share it here in case any of you aren't aware of the new law that is going into effect February 10th...

There doesn't seem to be a clear answer yet whether it does apply to vintage children's items or not, if anyone hears anything more official or definite please be sure to spread the word!

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A few years ago the US Dept of Agriculture passed very strict laws regarding the use of pesticides, etc. Anybody planning to spray their yard for weeds, including you and me, the city weed control, county, state or all those farmers and ranchers first had to obtain signage and post it every 50 feet around the area to be sprayed 3 days prior to spraying. They also had to put up porta-potties for those who might need to wash their hands. This law was so restrictive nobody could live with it and many objected to it. It passed but no funding was provided for enforcement.

So too, I think this new law will fizzle out.

The government often passes laws without funding for the enforcement. The laws are in place and can be used for "selective prosecution" if needed.

What about all the non-profit agencies like Salvation Army, Goodwill, youth ranches, Violence Against Women, and many church affiliated stores? That will put them all out of business. Think of the masses of people who will no longer get hand-outs of clothes, blankets, coats, and food baskets. Thousands will die from starvation or hypothermia.

On the other hand think about those toddlers who will not die as a result of chewing on lead-based paint. We must save the kids. To heck with everybody else!

I note that it was a Democrat from Illinois that sponsored this dumb bill.
Update from today - things are looking up! :)
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Thanks Dianne, Editor


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