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"A cookie jar collection brings a smile to everyone's face, whether young or old. Many are taken back to their grandma's kitchen with the smell of cinnamon wafting in the air and the selection of that one "perfect" cookie taken carefully from her cookie jar.

It's those childhood memories that are responsible for many collections, especially with cookie jar collectors.

These resources will help you find that elusive jar, put a value on a jar you already have or help start a new collection!" writes expert, Barbara Crews, on Cookie Jar Collecting Resources.

As far as I know, almost every Pottery Manufacturer included cookie jars in their line...Bauer, McCoy, Shawnee to name a few.

Love this one by Shawnee Pottery

1950's Shawnee Pottery Fruit Cook Jar and Shakers

Are you a vintage cookie jar collector? What pottery cookie jars do you have for sale? Share in this discussion!

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American Bisque Vintage Cookie Jars

"American Bisque Vintage Cookie Jars were made from 1930 through 1973.  The company was located in Williamstown, West Virginia and was in operation from 1919 until 1982.  The Allen family owned and operated the company from 1922 to 1982.    The company originally produced Kewpie doll heads.  In addition to Cookie Jars, they also made lamps, planters, vases and novelties.

Most of the cookie jars have a whimsical design and many can be very affordably obtained, although some of the rarer items can get a little pricey.

American Bisque Vintage Cookie JarAmerican Bisque Vintage Cookie Jars

Many American Bisque Cookie Jars have a large wedge shapes on the bottom. Some are marked with U.S.A. and sometimes with the mold number is on the bottom.   Many of them have unglazed feet on the bottom."

"MOST people aren’t surprised to discover that Sarabeth Levine collects cookie jars. She is, after all, the owner of the popular bakery and restaurant Sarabeth’s, with multiple locations in New York City and one in Key West, Fla. (You can see a selection at her cafe in Chelsea Market.)

Ms. Levine started collecting cookie jars some 35 years ago, and she prefers jars with character. She also admits to being a sucker for nostalgia.

“The old ones feel like family, like friends,” she said. “I have my mother’s cookie jar that was always on the counter when we were kids: a yellow Dutch Girl. My mother didn’t bake. She put store-bought Oreos and Vienna Fingers in there.”

While she is partial to antique cookie jars, Ms. Levine will consider new models for her collection if they meet certain criteria: they must have stable lids; they should be light enough that they’re easy to lift, but not too light; and the design should be relatively simple, but not so simple that it’s boring..." READ MORE NY TIMES

Talk about "character" vintage cookie jars! Love, love this Little LuLu!

(No original photo credits available)

And of course, Betty Boop!

Vandor Cookie Jar

Pinterest Kitchen Collectibles

Oh y'all! Look at this vintage cookie jar collection and the perfect kitchen to show it off!

Design Rocket (A most amazing website/artist/decor/collections ever!)

"After years of trying to be “tasteful”, my heart told me this one important fact: I did not have to conform to anyone’s expectation in décor but my own. And, I did not have to decorate like an adult. What happened is that I started to decorate the same way I draw—by instinct. The best way I can describe it, is that I got to that space you get to when you doodle while talking on the phone. Aren’t those always your best sketches? Mine are. That is the place I like to go to when I create. And it’s the same place to go to when you decorate. It’s located somewhere in the middle of the chest. If you spend too much time designing with your brain, instead of your heart, your rooms will be tight and stifled." More Design Rocket


It's time to show off your Christmas ceramic cookie jar!

Vintage Christmas Cookie Jar

Vintage Lefton Christmas Cookie Jar! Love this little girl in sleigh with gifts tucked all around...

Cookie Jar Queen Changing Scenes!


Many people in the antiques world are familiar with Barb Crews's many columns on About.com's Collectibles space. So they were saddened to see Barb announce in a recent newsletter that she is moving on from About.com, and on to other pastures.

"Although my identity is really tied up with About," she told AuctionBytes Blog, "there is really a lot more to my life." She said she is an avid knitter, travels a lot and does a lot of entertaining. "So I decided needed a bit of a break from the time constraints and demands that the job was putting on me."


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