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I've been trying to sell vintage Christmas decorations from both my mom's and aunt's estates (my mom's for the last 6 years). I've advertised on eBay, Craig's List, Facebook and a regional classified ad magazine. No one buys or even looks at them. The past weekend I had a "just Christmas stuff sale" and not one person stopped. What are Christmas decoration such a hard sell? Is there anything I can do to pique interest?

(photos of last sale - just some of the items)

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Pretty nativity, Lillian!

I had a booth at our local Christmas Craft & Gift Show in our small town first part of the month. I sold some glassware and finally sold the last of my Dreamsicle Ornaments and all but two of my Hallmark Ornament collectibles. I also sold some of my vintage button and jewelry repurposed crafts for Christmas gifts. However, people seem to be more discriminating these days. I think it has a lot to do with the economy.

I started this past week posting on our local 'Buy, Swap, Sell' group on Facebook. Sold a nice vintage toy right off the first day but nothing since.

Maybe host an event with FOOD? That seems to get people to come...:) Some kind of Christmas themed party by invitation only and invite people who collect or have $$ to spend. Use everything you are selling as decoration with prices marked clearly.

Or take some of the less valuable items to local thrift store on consignment. It won't bring top dollar but it will get them out of storage and back into the mix.

I agree it's harder these days but we keep trying...huh?

my store has been very quiet also even online is quieter than has been. Economy.


It's been absolutely dead here in upstate NY. Last 3 sales - nobody came. Like my neighbor said, "It's isn't that they're stopping and not buying - they just aren't stopping." That it for me until spring!

I agree, Lillian! :) Better days ahead...

Yes...the economy is taking it's toll. For myself, I'm crafting most gifts instead of buying. It's just the way it is...

These Christmas items are just fabulous! I 'll bet when visiting their homes with all the displays was just wonderful. Oh, the Memories! 

Smiles, Cyndi

I agree Cyndi! My focus has been to bring the "memories" to life again somehow to appeal to the next generation!

What lovely items, I can't believe they don't sell but I have no sales in my consignment booth either, of course mine were newer and I was just clearing space.

I adore those gnome elves on pinecone's and memories of many of the others my Mother had. 

Thanks for sharing! 

Smiles, Cyndi


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