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Hello all,

Found this at a local shop today was wondering if someone could help with identifying it?


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It appears to be an English Ironstone Flow-blue cheese dish. I'm a little concerned with how clean the base of this dish is. If it was period, it should be worn, and showing more age, imho, anyways.

However, it's possible it was just never used, or not used much, and passed down in a single family at some point, keeping the base cleaner than average pieces. The unmarked ironstone is hard to ID. It basically goes by shape and pattern, and that is used to decipher who may have made your dish. If your unfamiliar with "flow blue", it is a basic transferware design, that was done with real cobalt. (It was learned after some time that the cobalt was dangerous to the workers who were doing the decorating. So it was discontinued at a point in time. This fact can help date your piece). The cobalt would "flow" when placed in the kiln, giving it the rich looking dark blue that's a bit smeared into the design. "Flow blue" designs are always worth more than regular blue transferware.

You can try doing an Image search on google, with something like "Antique English Ironstone, Flow Blue Transferware patterns" to try and find your pattern. That would then lead you to which companies made that specific pattern. Some of the markings on the underside may or may not be helpful. They could indicate a company, or they might only be decorator marks, or mold/shape marks of whichever company made the dish. There is a group of experts on Facebook, it's called something like "English Pottery and Porcelain ID" or something similar. If you still can't ID it, or its also possible that it could be a reproduction. The people there would know for certain, in either case. It's lovely, whatever it turns out to be!

Thank you very much for the information. Does the "H" stamped into the bottom give you any ideas who might of manufactured it?

Thanks again.

G.E. Bewick

Your welcome. It doesn't help me personally no, because I'm not an expert in English Ironstone. That is why I suggested that you try to discover your pattern name first. This will help lead you to the maker/age/other information. Or you could post on the Facebook English China group for more help!


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