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new law in Lousiana those who deal in 2nd hand goods can't take cash must take check, debt or credit card?? WT?????


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Are you serious????? No, this is a joke and if not other states are going to be following suit.

it is real as far as I can guess, they are trying to catch the electronic theives stealing tvs and computers who dump them for pennies on the dollar, but lumps them all together with the resellers pawn shops don't care it is not on them


I wonder if the credit, debt card companys are in on this a way to get more dollars for there bottom line another 1-5 % of all transactions


I wouldn't put it past them!
How insane...how can they possibly enforce "no cash"??!! I think the dealer in the story was right...once businesses find out, there will be an uproar...

Ron - thank you - I am still waffling between continuing to accept credit cards or discontinue all together. In the wake of banks now dropping a $5.00 fee for using a debit card, I am wondering how they are going to invent new charges for the retailer because the banks need to make their profit. 


I am on the verge of deciding NOT to accept credit/debit cards any more but am waiting until I see just exactly what the bank is charging me based on the new law effective 10/1. I will not see this for at least two more weeks.


Do you have an opinion?

wasn't the $5 fee to the debt card holder not the merchant?


accepting credit cards i think is a good thing, when swiped it is checked and guarenteed, the square is doing an app for the droid type phones so no monthly fees, only the 25-35 cent and the percent discount,


if you don't take credit cards, are you going to take checks, with ID, i can have a good id made in chicago in about 1-2 hours they say, and it will be good looking, a drivers license number does not cash the check it will only help you find the person if,IF that is there correct address,


take $$ green money only, they counter fit that also if it is, you just loose that money, and if its a big sell$$$ no one carry's any amount of cash with them, they would have to go to a atm or the bank to get cash, gives them a chance to say maybe I don't want this or I will go back tomorrow or the weekend and get that and forget to come back,


or if you do any shipping, are you going to ship it all open account? or wait for the check to get to you and then clear before shipping? with the c-card, the moneys are in your account in 24 or so hours.

its not that I don't love Cash, but that only works part time,

Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


Craig do you have a link to where I can find this app - I have been looking but I have a new 4G phone and there is not one compatible with it. 


I have only had one bounced check in 16 years and it wasn't in my shop, but at my first book signing!


I believe that it works with a droid type phone only but check it out



      Now when you swipe a card with Square or Card Case there is just one fee: 2.75%. What you see is what you pay.   

      Square and Card Case let you accept credit cards quickly and easily, using what you already have in your pocket: your phone.      When you want to know how much money you’ve made, a simple multiplication will do.      No more scrambling with complex fees and hidden costs.   

      If you enter credit card numbers manually, your cost will then be 3.5% + 15¢ per transaction.   

What devices does the reader work with?

Updated Oct 11, 2011 02:46PM PDT
Square and Card Case are both supported on:

  • Apple iOS devices running 4.0 and up
  • Google Android devices running 2.1 and up

The Square card reader is compatible with devices that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Audio jack adaptors are not supported at this time.


Craig - thanks - looks too good to be true - I do have an android so I will definitely look this up - am so tired of the bank charges!

let us know how you make out


I just signed up so we will see!

I am all set - have hooked in everything and there was a new app for my phone - already downloaded -  and in about 2 to 5 days will be able to start. So the next test will be how it works. Have you had any problems?

Oh and I can kill my land line and merchants account at the same time because I can go totally wireless! 

I need to curb my optimism!


MUCH THANKS!!!!!!!!!


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