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Where does one sell back issues of car magazines, and how do you determine prices?

I saved them from my father's estate and now need to find buyers for them. I'll come back and add example titles if I find the list.

There are several totes worth, quite a few are full year sets, and most from the 1960's-1970's, several from the 1950's and I think some from 1940's (?). I'm working from memory, as they are elsewhere right now. 

(The challenge of researching increases since "vintage" in "vintage automotive magazines" can refer to the car OR the magazine. Of course same for classic car, antique car, etc.) 

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I would think the title of the magazine would have a lot to do with the value.   Show us some pictures when you find them or get a hold of them.  Condition is probably another factor to be considered.  Also, I would think if there were any special issues, limited editions, etc.  You have some work to do!

Usually, "vintage" means 30 years. You're selling magazines, not cars.  Don't confuse yourself...LOL

I have about 200 old Treasure  mags ; am faced with same problem. Individually your rags are worth more but selling them one by one or not at all takes TIME.  How much time do you want to devote to this project?

I went thru same thing with Easy Rider mags

Thanks for taking an interest.

I'm picking up inventorying the collection, from where I left off last time that I was near them. Time is going to be a factor eventually. I'm hoping to have time to cull and sell at least some of the choice ones before I have to let the project go.

I'll post some of the title/years when I get there.

So far, oldmagazines.com requires collections of 200/500 issues for most magazines (if  you're near the east/west coast), and 500/1000 for car magazines, so my collection of 378 issues doesn't qualify for them.

I have an inquiry out to backissues.com. They are also based in Atlanta GA, so might be the same outfit. We'll see what transpires.

Here's the list, and I'm open to offers, of course! ;) or other recommendations

378 issues total

Road & Track                    237 total               
        Road & Track    1940s/3                       
        Road & Track    1950s/116                       
        Road & Track    1960s/93                       
        Road & Track    1970s/23                       
        Road & Track    1980s/2                       
    Motor Trend                    39 total               
        Motor Trend    1950s/1                       
        Motor Trend    1960s/38                       
    Special Interest Autos      70 total               
        Special Interest Autos    1970s/47                       
        Special Interest Autos    1980s/22                       
        Special Interest Autos    1990s/1                       
        Hemmings Motor News    1970s/10      1 from 1972; 9 from 1974               
        Hemmings Classic Car    2000s/11        2004-2008               
        Collectible Automobile    1990s/3
        Collectible Automobile    2000s/1                       
        Car Classics    1978/1        Jun               
        Car Collector    1990/4        Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep               
        Collector Car Illustrated  1986/1        (Petersen's) 1986 vol. 1 no. 4
"Motor Trend Performance Series"               
        Drag Parts Illustrated      1967/1        Aug               


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