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I have a grouping of three paintings, pictured, by Kee Fung Ng. These have his signature in orangish in the right corner, and a pencil signature on the left with one number over 1000 above the pencil signature. I am sure this means it is a print, number ? of 1000. These are all on canvas and in wooden frames. I found a gallery for Kee Fung Ng in San Francisco, but the had no answers for me, and were not willing to give me answers. I'm hoping someone here might know something about his artist.

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The number 100 refer to the print itself. The 1000 is the amount of prints was produced in this lot. That means that you have one of 1000.
The are master may never allow anymore to be prouduced and that would make your print fall into a catagory of being a growing treasured item.
The maker or painter is famous and his work will certainly grow in value.

do a search using these words, " history of Kee Fun NG". read everything you can find on the artist.

About artist: Kee Fung Ng was born in 1941 in China. Ng graduated from the Fu-San Art School in Canton in 1960 and later left to join his family in Hong Kong. Hg supported his family there by working as an artist. Ng immigrated to the US in 1968, settling in San Francisco. Ng worked in a variety of styles, but was most successful painting realistic oils of Chinese children in every day life in China. Kee Fung Ng has retired, and his gallery in Chinatown has been closed (since 2007). Some online auctions list his paintings for sale $50-$250. His works of art are amazing. At his store, his paintings went for as high as I believe $600.


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