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My wife and I recentley purchased an old bedroom set at an antique auction. On the back of one of the dressers is a tag stapled to it that has Bekins, and a serial number. Its a solid white color, and I'm having trouble finding any info about it. When I do a search for Bekins, all I get is info about a Bekins Moving Company. Anyone know anything about these pieces? It is 2 end tables, and 2 dressers, one with a mirror attached. Thanks!  Rodney  

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Insufficient information. Need pictures, sizes, pictures of drawers, backside,underside,inside, dimensions, kind of wood, style, etc. The tag is as you say from a past move by Bekins Moving & Storage and has nothing to do with the manufacturer of your furniture. Look on back, look under them, look on all drawers for name of maker.
Thanks Tom. Sorry I am brand new to this site, and wasnt sure where to post. I have attached a few photos of the pieces. I will look further to see if I find a different manufactor name.
I have looked all over the pieces, and cant find a company name anywhere. I believe it is from around the 50's, and is french provincial.
Rodney, You're right about it being French Provincial but the age could be anywhere from the 1800s to 2000s. Various companies have sold FP and are currently marketing/selling it. Here is a link that shows several different companies and their prices. When the link opens click on the pictures for close-ups. Price depends a lot on condition and upkeep. http://frenchprovincialfurniture.net/


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